Important office Android apps

Android Apps

We will admit, there’s not really much you can do with your smartphone if you do not have an internet connection.

This is because many apps require you to have an internet connection in order for you to use them. However, this list seeks to explore important offline Android apps that you can use without data or Wi-Fi. 

Google Maps

We are sure a lot of people didn’t notice what about Google Maps allows you to use it without an internet connection. In order to use Google Maps offline you will need to download the map of a particular location that you want on your phone. So next time you want to go to that area you simply have to go to Google Maps even without connection at all. In order to use this special feature you’ll have to go to Google Maps and search for the place that you want. After that you will have to find the information cards and click download. This allows you to save the map.


Most gamblers or sports book online players will be disappointed to find out here no offline apps for playing casino games. However, friends of movies would really love Netflix because it offers the option to download the movies that they want on their mobile app. However, it should be noted that you should have an up-to-date subscription if you want to enjoy this amazing feature. Only have to do is choose a movie that you like and then click on the download button. Another great thing about this app is that it allows you to change the quality so that you can save space on your phone. 

As mentioned above, gamblers will be disappointed to find out that there are no offline apps, however, they can check this guide sports betting guide to learn more about offline sports apps. 


Through its premium subscriber feature Spotify allows you to up to 10,000 songs to your library which you can listen to when offline. The Apple iOS allows you to download individual albums or playlist even if the songs are not in your collection. Or you will have to do is to click on download situated at the top of the old songs list in your library next you need to find settings and then click on offline mode which will then hide all of the music that you haven’t saved for offline use.

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash