IFS Cloud Manufacturing

As an increasing number of companies become dependent on the cloud, attackers are taking advantage of its large attack surface and inconsistent security protocols.

IFS Cloud Manufacturing offers a comprehensive solution tailored to meet all your manufacturing requirements effortlessly.

Streamline every aspect of your manufacturing process with the IFS Manufacturing module. Whether it’s planning, execution, control, or analysis, manage it all seamlessly with a single solution supporting various manufacturing types. Use the benefits of ERP software for manufacturing to handle routine tasks and exceptions efficiently. With these capabilities, IFS Cloud emerges as the premier ERP software for manufacturing.

Sales and Operations Planning:

Align manufacturing supply with demand and devise realistic production plans effortlessly. Control crucial business aspects such as sales, finance, capacity, sourcing, and inventory. Analyze historical data to evaluate performance, monitor progress, and identify trends. Compare scenarios and plans, leveraging past experiences for informed decision-making.

Material and Resource Planning:

Match material supplies and resource capacity with real and forecasted demands. Break down finished goods requirements into components and semi-finished goods using Material Requirements Planning. Analyze resource requirements from various sources using Capacity Requirements Planning.

Visual Planning and Scheduling:

Optimize production plans using visual and interactive tools. Identify and resolve capacity or material issues quickly with graphical representations of demand and supply. Enhance visibility, accuracy, feasibility, efficiency, and communication of production plans.

Product Estimate Management:

Create accurate price estimations for products. Calculate bid prices considering product costs and build-up. Increase win rates by providing fast responses to inquiries with features for managing, calculating, comparing, and adjusting product prices and costs.

Configure and Make-to-Order:

Handle production-to-order processes effortlessly, from complex make-to-order to simple assemble-to-order scenarios. Utilize sales configurator to guide users and customers towards configured products. Generate consistent quotations, orders, bills of materials, routings, and cost estimates.

Discrete Manufacturing:

Support the entire production process, from checking material availability to managing product quality. Report operations and material transactions conveniently, enhancing operational efficiency.

Batch Process Manufacturing:

Support recipe/formula-based manufacturing for industries such as food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical. Track materials and products from raw to finished stages, balancing batch sizes and sequencing products effectively.

Repetitive Manufacturing:

Enhance production efficiency and flexibility with features like Kanban replenishment, takt time planning, and order-less production. Reduce inventory and waste while optimizing production rates based on customer demand.

Quality Management:

Improve product and process quality across the value chain with quality control and assurance features. Support various quality management tools and methods to address non-conformance issues effectively.

Sustainability Management:

Manage environmental impact throughout the product lifecycle and supply chain. Comply with environmental regulations and standards, track non-conforming parts, and implement circular manufacturing operations.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES):

Optimize production processes and equipment performance with integrated MES features. Collect and analyze data from shop floor machines, enforce manufacturing procedures, and enhance Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

With a detailed list of capabilities spanning sales and operation planning, material and resource planning, visual planning and scheduling, product estimate management, configure and make-to-order, discrete manufacturing, batch process manufacturing, repetitive manufacturing, quality management, sustainability management, and MES integration, IFS Cloud Manufacturing stands as the ultimate solution for modern manufacturing needs.