I Don’t Want to Study: Here Are the Things to Do Now

The number of new Chinese students enrolling at British universities fell for the first time last year, while soaring numbers from India came over to study.

Effective study methods, memory techniques, concentration strategies, fast reading … All things that are of little use if you say to yourself “I don’t want to study”!

Lack of desire to study is a very frequent problem among students but do not worry, because, in this article, we will see what are the strategies to be adopted to remedy this “bad” situation.

Well, first of all, we need to understand why you no longer have any desire to study.

The Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Study

The reasons why you have little desire to study can be various and change from person to person so, below, we will see which are the most frequent:

You repeat yourself like a mantra “I have to study”

Well, it is clear that you “must” study. The point, however, is the motivation behind this sentence which, so-called, I sound like an obligation.

And what happens when you are forced to do something? You feel frustrated and no longer want to continue.

You Are Looking for Perfection

The problem with perfectionism is that it blocks you because you are in the attitude that “it’s good or nothing”.

And this, “does not work”, because it makes you study all the information as if it were fundamental. And even if that were the case, but you don’t have the desire and energy to study, then you will still find yourself stuck because there are too many things to know (so, you end up aiming for the maximum, you get the minimum).

Let me be clear, if you like the subject and it doesn’t weigh on you, it’s really a great thing and I congratulate you.

But if you are studying a subject you do not like and some information is super details, then you can leave your “perfectionism mania” for a moment and focus, first of all, on the most important aspects to know.

You Are Not Satisfied with the Results

It may happen that, after a whole day spent on books, you have the feeling that you remember little or nothing about all the work you have done. And then you think: “Oh well, what was the point of studying all this stuff?”.

Or you are disheartened because you have to take too many exams, and seeing all the books you have to study can make you think that it is much more feasible to climb Everest.

Don’t worry, the best way to get real results is to earn them day by day, one step at a time. Such as? With the organization! We will see it shortly.

You Don’t Like Subjects

Well, this happens to many students. In fact, if you are not interested in topics, you may believe that everything you are studying is useless stuff. This leads you to not having the right attention and to ask yourself every other minute “But how the hell can I study the subjects I don’t like”?

Let’s face reality: you have to take some exams, and you can’t avoid them. And even in this case, a good strategy is to organize your study day by day, we’ll talk about it in a moment.

How to Find the Desire to Study

Well, so far we have seen the various reasons that lead you to not want to study. If you thought “Ah, but this is me!” in one or more of these points, then I guess you will be happy to read the solutions you can adopt. Let’s see them immediately.

Know the “Why” You Are Studying

The truth is this: almost everyone who studies with the aim of passing exams or graduating is the one who encounters the most motivation problems!

The real motivation comes from knowing the ultimate goal for which you study and this must necessarily be something you are passionate about.

Let’s take a practical example: if you are attending medicine, before starting to study, it is useless for you to think “come on, if I pass this exam, I only need 8 to graduate” … This could motivate you, but certainly not in a lasting way.

Much more effective is to mentally visualize yourself practicing the profession, helping people, their gratitude, and your professional and economic success as you grow. This can really stimulate you, allowing you to keep motivation high and therefore to pass exams in the best possible way.

Also, visualization will charge you with positive emotions about your future; and the emotions you feel before and during the study are essential to be able to make the most of it! So here is one more reason to visualize the goal to be achieved through your studio!

Often Ask Yourself: “Am I Taking a Step Towards My Goal?”

Now that you have a clear goal, to rediscover your desire to study, it is essential to take all the necessary steps to reach it. Therefore, ask yourself often whether, in that instant, you are taking a step towards your goal or not.

It doesn’t have to be the best step (if it is… So much the better!), The important thing is that you are taking a step in the right direction for yourself!

But be careful not to want important results right away! We are in an era that has accustomed us to getting what we want in a very short time. Moral? Let’s do something and if it doesn’t give us the results in “no time”… We think we have “failed” and let’s try something else! Am I right?

For you, it must be different! Remember that studying well and quickly is like going on a diet: however hard you can work, you still need some time in which you will struggle and you will have to “hold on” before seeing the first important results!

Don’t Focus on the Things You’re Not Aiming For

If you should take away anything from this article, it is that you should concentrate on yourself, your ultimate goals, and the activities that support your goals. If studying at college, you come across things that are not beneficial to you but take away your precious time, then don’t be afraid to delegate such tasks to an essay writer and move on with your more important business.