How Your Business Can Harness the Power of Review Sites

From Amazon to TripAdvisor and Trustpilot, review sites allow users and experts to share their experiences with a company online and help other customers make informed decisions.

In today’s connected world, it has become common practice for users to research reviews and consult other customers before choosing a business to engage with. Reviews don’t just prove beneficial for customers to help them make better buying decisions, they can also be a valuable tool for businesses to enhance their online presence, build trust, and attract more customers. Take advantage of these tips and tricks to harness the power of reviews.

Review sites for businesses from various industries

No matter what product or service users are looking for, chances are they will find a corresponding review, as review sites nowadays cover businesses from a vast variety of industries. Platforms such as Trustpilot are renowned for providing thousands of customer reviews for all kinds of products. TripAdvisor has focused on the travel industry, while Yelp can help find the best restaurant in town. Other platforms feature in-detail reviews and ratings written by experts from a specific industry, offering a more in-depth insight into a business and its services. Metacritic and IMDb offer both aggregated user reviews and reviews by critics for games and movies, while TechRadar publishes detailed reviews for all things tech. Platforms such as specialise in the iGaming industry, offering unbiased reviews of the best and safest online casinos with large game libraries. Auto Express publishes reviews and advice on the automobile industry, while Time Out is your go-to to find the best entertainment in the city. Review platforms now span all industries and have become an increasingly integral part of the online world for businesses.

Build trust and gain a competitive advantage

If your business is providing a good experience for customers, review platforms can turn into free marketing. Users and experts share positive reviews, providing social proof for other customers that your business delivers on what it promises. Positive reviews can help businesses build trust and credibility, which can ultimately act as a competitive advantage. If your business has more positive reviews than your competitors, it can encourage potential customers to choose you over other offers. And thanks to appearing in a positive light on popular review sites, they can also improve your business’s visibility online and attract more users to your site. If your reviews are mostly positive, these platforms can be golden when growing your brand. Make sure to handle reviews correctly to be able to get the most benefits out of them.

Respond to reviews

Show your customers that you care and always respond to reviews, no matter if they are positive or negative. Thank them for their valuable feedback and respond professionally to any issues or problems that might have been mentioned in the review. Address negative feedback publicly, and always stay friendly and professional. To prove that you are open to criticism, thank them for their constructive feedback and offer solutions to whatever issues they may have had. This won’t just improve the experience that specific customer had with your business, but will also show potential customers who see the review that your business cares and takes the time to respond to their feedback.

Encourage feedback

To make sure your happy customers share their positive experiences with your business online, encourage feedback actively. Follow up and ask them to leave positive reviews on online platforms. This can easily be implemented on your social media, via email or directly on your website. If you own a local business, use physical signs to encourage customers to write reviews. It’s important to make it as easy as possible to leave a review by offering direct links to your business’s profiles on various platforms.

Monitor your reputation online

You should always keep an eye on your reviews and monitor how your online reputation on these review sites evolves. A variety of online reputation management tools as listed on can support these efforts to efficiently monitor and improve your business reputation online while gathering and processing customer sentiment. Additionally, review platforms tend to offer analytics tools that can help you keep track of your business’s reviews’ impact, with stats on leads, website traffic, etc.

Review platforms have become an integral part of online marketing and a valuable tool for businesses to build trust and gain a competitive advantage. Use these tips and measures to harness the power of online reviews for your business.