How video presentations help taking your business to the next level

Video presentation

Video presentations are still one of the most effective ways to promote your brand or business, while also bringing it to the next level.

Whether you are looking to acquire new customers, inform new audiences about what you have to offer, or even to pitch your company before investors… video presentations are the go to solution for getting the job done.

However, don’t just take our word for it. Some of the largest brands in the world today are still using decks, slide presentations and video to present their company before others.

To help with this process, let’s walk through some of the most effective methods for making presentations work best, while highlighting the necessary elements and factors you need to stand out from the competition.

Presentations and Visuals Bring Information to Life

Take a look at the internet and social media today. Gone are the days where people are visiting websites and looking to read thousands of words of content. Instead, it’s all about visuals, video and mobile-ready content.

This is especially true with videos on social media. Just take a few moments to scroll through your feed and see what’s trending or being shared around. More often than not, it’s funny pictures and videos. And when it is a reference link to a website or article, it’s definitely going to have an eye catching title or thumbnail associated with it.

With all of this in mind, for anyone that wants to effectively promote and grow their brand, they need to have this mentality in place. Visuals are key and straight text content will no longer get the job done.

Visuals with Animation and Audio = Memorable Content

When you hear the word “presentation”, you likely think of Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides. Both of these solutions make it extremely easy to create slideshows and presentations that anyone can make in a matter of minutes.

However, just because it’s easy to create something, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be great. Now more than ever, it’s the storyline and emotions attached to presentations, commercials and pitching that matter most.

Recent stats show “55% of people say a great story is primarily what holds their focus during a presentation.” and “46% of presenters feel that the hardest part of creating a successful presentation is crafting a compelling story.”–which means visuals play an extremely important role in the engagement and presentation process (for both the viewer and presenter).

One of the best ways to bring your presentation to life is through the use of visuals, video and audio wherever possible. By adding video content to your presentation, you can quickly make the transition between facts and basic text that needs to be said, and then bringing your presentation to life with visuals, animation and audio.

A perfect example of how this can be accomplished, is by creating a whiteboard animation explainer video through a site like mysimpleshow. The benefit to using a web-based software solution like theirs, is that you won’t need to download any software, learn to be a graphic designer or have to pay high upfront costs.

With their standard ‘white board’ look and feel, many of the videos will fit right into the look and feel of a black and white presentation–which is common across nearly all industries.

Acquire New Customers and Leads with Video Presentation Webinars

Presentations aren’t used for just pitching a new idea to a business, employee meetings or when you are in need of investment money. They are also used in everyday life marketing for millions of businesses and brands around the world today.

For example, in the world of lead acquisition and sales, online webinars work great when trying to walk a user through a sales funnel. This process often starts with a soft lead to attend your webinar event, then the user watches a video to eventually lead them to a final call to action.

For the host (entrepreneur or business) who is running the webinar, they are often speaking through their computer while running presentation slides for their audience to see. This method works extremely well for higher priced items and services, as the host is walking through a problem, a process and how to fix it.

However, some webinars can be boring if they have too much text and not enough visuals in place. The goal is to keep the viewer engaged so they are ready to take action once the end of the webinar comes around and the special offer takes place.

Video Works Best for Instruction, Information and Engagement

With so much focus on video content in the world today, there is no wonder it’s still the number one way to connect with your audience. Even with recent drops in television viewership, commercial ads are still in high demand and big brands continue to focus on them as the best way to reach new audiences and engage with existing ones.

As a business, you need to teach others about what you do, why it’s of value and how it can be used to improve daily life or day to day operations for another brand. Just like how visual learning in the classroom is on the rise, so are the means for portraying such information about your business and brand.

Video Presentations Should Be Top Priority for All Businesses

Every business and brand should be using video presentations to grow their brand and organization to new levels–whether it be through branding, lead acquisition or overall ROI.

Just like Microsoft PowerPoint was taught to most students in school, it’s importance for usage and understanding is still just as important today.

With the average attention span dropping year after year, visuals and continual engagement through presentations is key in not just engaging with your audience, but also to keep them informed and ready to take action.

Be sure to read through each of the actionable tips laid out above, and start implementing them into your own business. The easier you make it for your audiences to consume information and absorb it, the easier it will be for you to reach your goals across the board.