How to write an admission essay: 5 tips to follow

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Do you know the main goal of any admission essay? Why does every university or college ask you to present an essay along with an application itself? And what does make an average admission essay to become an effective one?

As you have already understood, today we’re going to talk about the procedure of writing an essay when applying to a university or college. In case you’re looking for a professional writing assistance, check this cheap essay helper and their team of writers and editors, who help students with any type of academic writings. In case, you’re looking for some effective recommendations on how to compose a great application essay by yourself, keep reading. We have a lot of interesting information to share.

Admission Essay Recommendations

The main goal of any application essay is to provide any student with a chance to communicate with an admission committee by telling their personal story and showing their personality. It is a unique chance for a student to stand out from the rest of similar applications and other students with similar grades and academic achievements. Thus, your essay shouldn’t be cliche. At the same time, it shouldn’t be something that the admissions can see on the resume in your application pack. Your main goal is to make your writing as personal and authentic as possible to make it different from other applications.

How to achieve this? Let’s have a look.

5 Steps to a Great Admission Essay

An admission essay gives the committee a really good insight as to who you are as an individual. It helps them to see how you perceive the world and whether you fit their community or not. In other words, your application essay influences a lot whether you’re going to be accepted or not to a particular college or uni.

  1. Show that you’ve done a research. Show in your application that you know about this college or uni a lot. Show that you’ve put the efforts and researched about the institution in general and the program, which you’re applying to, particularly. Explain why this program is important for you except being very recognizable or popular in the country. Show why this institution attracts you more than others. Is it about the university’s community? Or is it about after-class activities? Or is it a specific faculty, that is interesting for you? Or is it about internship opportunities? Just write it in your own words. Don’t try to impress the committee by praising them.
  2. Don’t rush. Most admission officers don’t recommend rushing with the admission essays. They suggest taking up to two-three months on doing that. If you don’t have so much time till the deadline, make sure you have at least a month before submitting an admission essay. As it is definitely not something that can be perfectly composed overnight. Be serious with your application if you really want to get accepted to a prestigious college or uni.
  3. Share your previous experiences, which have influenced your decision to apply to this particular university or college. Don’t write about your high school grades or test results. Focus on other spheres of your life that are important for you – hobbies, interests, passions, etc. Tell them in a vivid way. Just show the admissions your inner world and what you’re interested in. If it is a funny story, which is rather a failure than a success, tell it if it is important for you. Show what lessons you’ve learned from it. How has it made you a better person? Concrete examples of your interests are very important. Don’t write just «I like playing piano and football». Instead, show how you’ve used that knowledge and skills before. Are there any interesting experiences related to those hobbies?
  4. How are you going to contribute to this particular place? The admissions should see that you’re a perfect fit for their place by your ability to bring something new and interesting to their community as well. So, explain what exactly you as a student can bring to this particular college or uni. What would you like to focus your attention on, in your educational process – research, after-class activities, volunteering, and so on.
  5. What is it about you that makes you unique? And it is not about your talents and academic skills. What is special about you as an individual? Describe what specific features of your character make you who you are. Do not write obvious cliche phrases. Instead, start with something that fits your conversational tone. It can be a quote by a famous person whose books you’re reading right now or it can be a joke. Just write what fits your personality most.

That’s all for 5 small tips, which can easily make your admission essay stand out from the crowd. Hopefully, they’ll help you a lot with your own application as well.