How to write a winning MBA essay?


Writing an essay as part of your application for an MBA program is a very important and critical point in your application submissions.

The Statement of Purpose (SOP) or essay is your chance to tell the admissions officers on what sets you apart from other applicants and can be a turning point in your academics.

Every institution has different requirements, but the MBA entrance essay is part of every B-school’s application process. Here are six tips to help you write a winning MBA essay and make your application stand out –

Do your Research

Before starting the writing process, it’s important to do comprehensive research on the university you are applying to – what do they look for MBA candidates? What are their values? What are their expectations from students? What do they stand for?

It’s a good idea to know this vital information so you can weave it into your MBA essay and relate it to your experiences. The idea is to project yourself to be the ideal candidate for that particular university’s MBA program.

Highlight your Strengths

Every institution wants to understand what students who are going to be admitted to the university are going to contribute to their diverse population and what experiences will they bring with them.

So, talk about your background, upbringing, strengths, cultural values, ambitions and showcase your uniqueness. Use the essay to put across to the reader on how your acceptance will make a difference to their MBA program, the value you will be adding and make a strong case as to why should you be selected.

Be Authentic

Admissions recruiters read thousands of essays every term. It is important to make your essay creative and unique to keep them engaged. Try to take a distinctive approach in drafting your essay than just being politically correct.

If you try too hard to impress and exaggerate, it shows. So, be yourself and be prepared to vouch for what you include in the essay as you might need to explain it in the interview stage.

Include Anecdotes

Anecdotes are always appreciated because give an insight into one’s personality in an interesting manner. Always try to include stories in your essay. However, do not go overboard or play the sympathy card. The idea is to elaborate on your statements with anecdotes that strengthen your candidacy.

Ask for Help

If you find yourself struggling to start the essay, have no clue how to project yourself as a suitable candidate or are just running out of time, don’t risk your chances.

At such times, it’s best to turn to MBA essay writing experts such as Writers Per Hour. Being experts, they know what it takes to put together a well-crafted MBA essay that will accurately showcase why you make a great fit for their program.

Edit and Proofread

Needless to say, when you are writing an essay, your essay needs to be devoid of spelling and grammatical errors. So, give it a thorough proofread multiple times before submitting it. Regardless of how strong the content of your essay is, if it’s full of mistakes, it’s bound to go against you. You should also ask a friend or family member to read your essay – they might spot some errors or discrepancies that you might have overlooked.

Take your time to create the outline of the essay and start constructing it slowly. If you think that an MBA essay can be drafted in a day or two, then, you are probably not giving it your best approach.

You may have excelled in the entrance exam for your MBA program, but the essay or statement of purpose can make or break your candidacy. So, stay calm, follow these six useful tips and your MBA essay is sure to stand out and get you accepted in a B-school of your choice.

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