How to use SEO to attract the right talent


If you are looking to recruit and hoping to attract the right talent for your company, then using search engine optimization (SEO) should be your first point of call.

SEO used in the right way can help job seekers find your job listing without having to sift through pages and pages of listings on Google.

If you want to learn how to use SEO to attract the right talent then keep reading!

Use appropriate Job Listings

It is no secret that some job listing advert websites gain more traffic than others. So, depending on the job you are offering you will benefit from advertising it on the relevant sites. For example, if you are advertising for a charity role then you would decide to use a website that is solely dedicated to advertising charity jobs.

Use Relevant Keywords

When creating a job listing, you should dedicate time to ensuring the correct use of relevant words. There is no point in fluffing out a job listening that contains very few relevant words to the actual job. You have to imagine the type of person you want to apply for your job and the words that you think they might use. If you are looking for a mobile app developer, you wouldn’t just rely on that to get the searches. You could add words such as Javascript, Python, Ionic, and so on. This will increase your chances of attracting the right talent.

Make Content Shareable

Making content shareable is highly advisable as this will improve your SEO. One way to do this is to post your job listings across various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The power of shareable content is not to be undervalued as friends and colleagues alike spread the word among their own communities via social media.

SEO Consultations

Seeking consultation is advisable because you can see how your current SEO methods are working and where they are lacking. The SEO experts from say that this will also help you identify the reasons why your competitors are outranking you and will give you options on what you should do to counter them. This is a great option for those companies who can’t seem to get their website on the first page of google. Sometimes that outside perspective can help change everything.

Ensure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

With phones getting smarter and smarter, it is no surprise that candidates are searching for jobs on their phones now. With this in mind, if you are hoping to attract a broad range of candidates then you ought to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. If not, a large portion of people will be missing your job posting and that will cut out a lot of potential talent.

All in all, improving your SEO strategy does not have to be a difficult ordeal. With some simple changes, some outside help, and an awareness of how SEO works, you will be able to use your SEO to attract the right talent for your job listings.