How to use scratch cards as part of your marketing plan?

Scratch Card

Scratch cards make a great addition to every marketing plan. Introducing them as a part of your strategy to enrich brand awareness and keep customers interested is a wise management decision.

It allows you to reach out to your clients in a fun and exciting way that keeps them engaged and motivates them to purchase your products and participate in your campaigns.

Customers can learn about your brand in many ways, and they can receive different kind of promotional messages through ads, publications, commercials, etc. Embracing scratch cards is a powerful move because this format of marketing engagement makes consumers a part of your company journey. They have chosen your brand over your competitors, and with scratch card deals it feels like they could get something back just for being a loyal client.

Why Use Scratch Cards in Your Marketing?

Your marketing strategy needs scratch cards because they stimulate your existing customers and help you attract new ones. Creating a positive image for your brand is easier than ever and allows you to get proper response and feedback from consumers. Whether your company goals include engaging people with a reward program or increasing sales, you are going to reach them in no time.

Some of the best qualities of scratch cards are that they are simple and offer consumers a rewarding experience that they barely have to contribute to. Clients would keep on returning if you give them a chance to win prizes. And it is easy to get hooked up on game-like activities that give something for a small effort on their side (scratching off). Brand awareness increases and people stick with their choice to trust you long-term.

Boost Awareness Creatively

One of the reasons companies implement scratch cards is that the “Scratch and Win” concept is actually an easy marketing stunt to pull off. All you need to consider is what reward system you should establish and how your clients could benefit from it, without any leftover damages for your business.

Emotional connection with customers is vitally important in the world of sales, because it drives consumer loyalty. Scratch cards encourage formation of a deep brand-client relationship. Boosting awareness in such a creative way builds a layer of fun and play around your business label, and anyone could become a part of it.

Reward Loyalty

Spontaneous offers and games are a customer’s favorite tool of brand engagement. They create a bubble of amusement for consumers and provide them with a chance to feel appreciated and praised for buying a certain item or choosing a certain service.

Scratch cards are so successful in their own way because they basically reward loyalty. When clients get prizes for being your client, they get motivated to keep on using your products. They start representing and recommending your company, sharing their productive experience on social media or with friends and family, for free. Everyone wants to be included in promotions that stimulate loyal behaviour and boost adrenaline upon potential winnings.


Engagement rate of scratch cards is way higher than the ones of social media ads, mass emails, flyers and brochures, and other online and offline commercials. The reason is, scratch card promotions inspire both excitement of the game and value of the winning reward.

This type of marketing stimulates the consumer to dedicate some of their free time to scratching off the prize panel and therefore – to participate in your campaign. When a customer spends a certain period of time on your promotion, no matter if they win or lose – they are ready to keep on investing their money into your products.

How to Design Successful Scratch Cards Campaign?

Scratch cards can easily be implemented both offline and online. And even though many companies depend on technology and make digital “Scratch and Win” promotions for their websites and applications, nothing beats a good old manual scratch. It comes with the personal satisfaction of physically erasing the proper field with a coin and revealing the reward behind it.

We have created is a list of 5 factors that need to be considered in the process of designing a successful scratch card campaign:

Choose a Smart Design

One of the first steps towards creating a great scratch card concept is choosing a design that would be simply integrated, would create a thrill and would be easily resolved by consumers. All cards require a panel for the pricing information that would be concealed and would have to be scratched by the campaign participant. But how you decide to present that panel to the public is what makes your design smart.

Some games might have more than one scratch panel. Series of panels revealing a prize also create a good vibe and allow customers to take part in something extra engaging, different than usual but not at all complicated.

For specific marketing needs, if you think that you can benefit from it – feel free to introduce a whole card that needs scratching off. Alternatively, you may want to try and incorporate a word game, quiz or crossword into your scratch cards to make the experience even more thrilling.

Find a Right Target

Scratch and Win cards are interactive and require decent public response and consumer actions. Getting proper interactions with your consumers is inevitable when you know what is the social group you are targeting.

The tactile qualities of scratch cards would contribute to build an incredible bond between your brand and your consumers. When the marketing campaign is successfully presented to the right target audience, you can influence its future purchase decisions and accomplish brand recognition goals.

Think about Promotion

Even though scratch cards are a promotion, they do demand additional commercial attention to raise people’s interest in acquiring them. “Scratch and Win” campaigns can be promoted like every other promotional deal. Find below some examples.

Prepare marketing messages for in-store display, that can be implemented and displayed both at your physical store counter, and on your online shop web pages. Customers need to be informed about the promotion on the spot, while making a purchase.

Improving the experience of customers who want to participate in your scratch card campaign is vital. The process of getting sufficient information about it and then receiving the promotional card should be optimized and as simple as possible. If people can easily take part in the “scratching”, they would not miss their chance.

Engage with Your Customers

In a world where customers are cautious about being spammed and bothered with unwanted mails and calls, it is hard to find a way to make them trust you and allow your business to truly connect with them. Fortunately, there are many additional ways to engage with your clients via the power of scratch cards.

Scratching promotions engagement goes beyond the “Scratch and Win”. They would allow you to receive some valuable information about the customers, their preferences, their product expectations. It is easy to incorporate the questions you need an answer to into the card design.

Another way to use scratch cards for engagement is to ask people to register their talons and vouchers online, or be a part of a brand lottery game. This way you can stay in touch with them or include them into your loyalty programs.

Keep Things Simple

Making your campaign successful and effective requires implying on a strong call-to-action in your scratch cards. Keep things simple and make sure the message you wish to convey with your cards is clear and easily understandable. And remember, people tend to go after promotions that provide a coherent information about participation conditions and potential winnings.