How to Take a Project Management Career to the Next Level

Project managers receive suitable remuneration for what is a challenging and stressful position. An average project manager can earn in the region of $90,000 per annum, but with professional certification, this can rise.

Taking a project management career to the next level requires additional study and exams, but it helps to improve performance in the role and remuneration.

Project Management Role

A project manager is the lynchpin of an operation. From the first meeting to the final wrap-up, a project manager needs to be involved in the planning and executing of objectives every day. Project managers require excellent communication skills, leadership skills, and decision-making.

A project manager also needs to be flexible and adaptable. Projects are rarely linear and consistent; there will be personnel changes, project scope considerations, and budget constraints to work with. For this reason and more, project managers tend to be paid well.

PM Remuneration

In America, an average project manager can expect to earn around $93,000 in remuneration. While this is a suitable salary for the role, it can be enhanced with PMP Certification. Professional training certificates level up your skills and training and improve your salary.

Data shows that project managers with PMP certification can increase their earnings by 32% compared to their non-certified colleagues. PMP certification enhances the skills needed to lead teams; there are also skills to help reduce spending on projects and improve the bottom line.

PMP Certification

PMP certification can be undertaken at any time in the career of a project manager; that said, most project managers undertaking the training have some experience in their field and are ready to level up. The certificate requires contact hours, professional development, and exams.

PMP certificate training is provided by several accredited sources, such as Advised Skills. Using a professionally accredited program provides you with the best training and value for career progression. Outperform project managers in your field and earn more with PMP certification.

Benefits of Certification

Obtaining PMP certification requires some hard work and dedication, but project managers tend to be fully invested in their current workload, so what are the advantages of working overtime for professional development? For one thing, professional development improves project efficiency.

If you stand still as a project manager, you risk becoming outdated in the field; on the other hand, you can accelerate a career and become more of an asset to your colleagues, workplace, and industry. The goal should be to leave a role as more of an asset than when you entered it.

Final Thoughts

Project management is a challenging and ever-changing career that requires dedication, commitment, and adaptability. The role also requires training and experience, and in some instances, a degree. Project managers should not stop enhancing their attributes for the role.

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