How to start a dating service business

online dating

While most of us have dreamed of quitting the 9 to 5 routine and pursuing something more worthwhile at some point, more and more people are choosing to do this.

Advances in technology and bespoke website design software means we all have the tools at our disposal if we have a cast-iron business idea. Many budding entrepreneurs consider getting into online dating, an industry whose revenue stream in 2020 was $1,754 million in the US alone, with an annual growth rate of 9.3%. But how easy is it to launch a viable dating site in a market that is already fairly saturated? Here are some pointers towards starting your dating service.

Consider your niche

Because there are already so many sites and apps out there, it’s important to be able to provide something unique to potential customers. Do a spot of research to get an idea of the range of dating sites that are already out there. There is any number of generic websites competing for attention, so it might be worthwhile considering something different, preferably an area you could address from a position of expertise.

There are websites that  specialized on bbw dating, lgbt dating, senior matchmaking, or any other niche you could think of.  So do you have a particular hobby or interest that might be extrapolated into the world of Internet dating? Anything from matching for jazz lovers to Harry Potter fan dating …  just use your imagination!

Devote time to your platform design

Even if you’ve thought of the most boss idea for your dating service, no one is going to interact with your online enterprise if the website sucks. There’s nothing more offputting to visitors than garish typefaces or too many adverts. Your web platform will be at the crux of the success or failure of your venture, so you’ll need to spend considerable time executing a competent design. It should be neat, with seamless integration of catchy HD photographs and text blocks. The content has to be well-written and seeded with keywords to attract search engines.

Create your business plan

You might assume Internet dating is such a surefire moneyspinner you can knock up a few webpages or put together an app and launch your business in no time, worrying about longer-term considerations later. But you need to take a step back and write down a concrete business plan first. What about your choice of name? Something catchy (Zoosk) or to the point (cougardating)? Work out how you’re going to promote your website, and what type of software you’ll be running, especially on the financial side. What are the risks? Who are your competitors? This might not be the sexiest side of putting together an online dating business, but it’s certainly crucial.

Look into monetization and promotion

You must give careful thought into how you’re going to make income out of your service. It would make sense to offer potential customers a free sign-up. But you’ll need to charge for certain activities, so you’ll need to decide what these are. The financial transacting software you build on your website must be robust. If anything goes astray with payments, your customer base will quickly dwindle. What about incentivizing your customers by offering certain concessions to those who sign up to your mailing lists.

Take care of the red tape

As well as devoting your energy into setting up a wonderful, eye-catching, easily-navigatable site or app, you’ll have to take care of the more mundane aspects of launching a business. Joining a trade association isn’t compulsory, but it’s always worthwhile to establish a network of contacts, especially with people who are operating similar online enterprises. You can pick up valuable advice.