How to remain safe while browsing online

Digital nomad

Beware of cheat codes and programs

Yes, we sometimes struggle to level up because the games are designed to be challenging.

A “cheat” code or program can help players get shortcuts without spending as much time in the game. However, the “cheat” download may contain viruses or spyware without your knowledge.

Avoid using personal information

When registering for the game, avoid using your personal information as a game username. The internet can be an information minefield – by entering your personal information; there is a chance that it will be compromised. A sound social engineer can use your information to steal your identity or use it against you, but yay can avoid that by using mt-police07

Beware of cyberbullying

Online games generally allow users to interact with each other, and most of the time, they can be beneficial in sharing tips and tricks. However, irresponsible users could use this feature to intimidate other players by using foul language or making them feel uncomfortable. Many games offer ways to report toxic behavior and foul language, so be sure to inform users of misbehaving online.

Choose original games instead of hacked games

When using a pirated copy of a game, you cannot update and update to the latest version of the game, and there will be no support for future updates that may improve your gaming experience. Your computer may also be infected with malware embedded in hacked game files. Once introduced, the malware can be initiated and can possibly crash your computer or destroy your data. Buying an original copy can also prevent you from infringing the law and the intellectual property rights of the software authors.

Use parental controls

If you are a parent and let your children play online, be sure to activate the “parental controls” feature. This will permit you to narrow down which games are suitable for them, as some games are not designed for children due to their adult content or inappropriate language.

In-app purchases:

We hear stories of how young people got into trouble by inadvertently making bills while playing online games. Some online games, advergames, are designed to support special products and support you to buy parts within the game/app. On smartphones, you can disable in-app purchases by going to your phone’s settings.

Stay legal:

In addition to staying safe when playing online games, it is also important to stay legal. It can be tempting to download cheat programs to take it to the next level, but cheat programs and downloading non-copyrighted games, can expose users to inappropriate content and viruses that affect your computer.

Protect your personal information:

do not share your personal information when playing online; This includes your full name, cell phone number, and address. Sharing this type of information can make you vulnerable.


Running into someone you’ve only been in contact with online can be dangerous. Only do so with the approval of your parents or guardians, and even if they may be present. Remember, online friends, are still strange, even if you’ve been talking to them for a long time.