How to plan your workation in a few simple steps

Millennials have always been a generation that is moving the boundaries and blending things in impossible ways.

Many millennials have in common that they like to work on a few projects simultaneously, they dislike traditional 9 to 5 jobs and they simply love to explore all the corners of the world.

Digital nomads sparked the evolution of something we today know as the workation. It is a perfect blend of remaining productive while enjoying the atmosphere of a completely different city. It gives us a perfect opportunity to enjoy travelling all year long while remaining in the loop with all the events at work. You don’t have to wait for a summer to take a break – with careful planning you can work from wherever place you want.

Yet, organizing your workation needs thorough planning and sticking to the plan. If you follow our steps in the end you will be packing bags when you finish reading. Ready to go?

Make sure that you are in good company…literally

Before you decide to plan your workation – make sure that you are surrounded by like-minded people that will understand your plan. It is important that you build trust. With remote work, the supervisors are never certain if something will go wrong so it is important to set the goals together and make sure that all tasks are up to date.

It is important to have people who will motivate you to do your maximum even when you are hearing a siren’s call to explore the local museums and other local attractions. If you decide to travel with your colleague – it is awesome because you can motivate each other.

Do your research about the ideal location for your workation

If you are having a serious wanderlust but you are unsure which corner of the world would be right for you – first you need to decide.

You can start by exploring the Best Cities for a Workation index – do you want to grab your laptop and work from a beach? Or maybe you can enjoy the view of colorful streets while enjoying some great coffee and local specials? When you make your pick, the next step is to inform you about the local accommodation and rentals.

Making sure that you have WiFi coverage is of the utmost importance. Of course that renting a secluded cottage seems like an amazing idea to disconnect from the world – but you need to remain in touch with reality in this case. So choose a location where all the tourist attractions will be close and make sure that you are connected.

Finding a balance

Balance is the most important part – first, you need to check on your tasks. Before you go, make sure to solve everything that is urgent to avoid the last-minute panic. Communicate with your collages and make sure to prioritize things in your pipeline before you start your new adventure.

It is important to plan your work and stick to that? How many hours a day you will spend? It is easy to get relaxed and forget how important your work is – but it can cost you a lot afterward.

A great strategy is to install time tracking software and start working early in the morning. The earlier you start- the better would be for you because you will have just enough time to explore the local culture.

And the most important thing is to have fun – you have everything under control and the world won’t explode if you don’t send one email!