How to pick the colour of garden decking


Decided you want to give your garden a spruce up before the weather takes a turn for the worse? Thinking you’d like to install decking so you’ve got a usable space all year round?

Great idea.

But have you thought about the colour?

Do you go traditional with a natural brown that’s unlikely to go out of vogue? Opt for something more contemporary like black and grey, or go all out and experiment with brighter shades to really stamp your personality on the space?

It’s a tricky decision. And one you want to get right.

To help, we’ve pulled together a quick list of things to think about to make sure your colour choice is bang on.

Things to consider

·      Where is it going?

Are you planning to build out from the house, or will your decking be at the other end of the garden? Whatever its position, you need to look around and consider the surroundings.

Brick colour, rendering, fence panels, and even the garden shed, will play their part in the overall aesthetic and it pays to give them consideration before deciding on your colour.

·      Who will be using it?

This might sound a little odd but thinking about who is going to be using the decking is also important.

A slick bachelor pad will have very different needs compared to a family home. For example, will young children or elderly people be using the decking? If so, then it’s a good idea to use a combination of colours, using a different shade to highlight steps and edges.

·      Will you like it long-term?

Ok, so it’s not easy to predict the answer this one – but you can hazard a pretty good guess.

If you’re honest with yourself you can probably be pretty confident you won’t fall out with natural brown or greys shades, whereas bright blue is less likely to stand the test of time.

If you’re keen to keep costs down, then it pays to go for a colour that has more staying power. And if there’s a chance you might look to sell your home soon, it’s also worth sticking to more neutral shades.

Popular colour choices

2022 has been all about using greens and greys in the garden and whilst these look set to remain a popular choice, shades such as dark oak are coming back in favour too.

On the brighter side, lavenders, reds and blues are also garnering attention for 2023.

If you like to be in tune with the trends – but can’t quite see yourself with pale purple decking – don’t forget you can make a nod to the fashion in more subtle ways. We’re talking about using coloured cushions and outside blankets and throws. Or – our favourite – using plants to inject colour.  A lavender bush will make a pretty, colour decking border (and it will smell pretty good too!)

Painting decking boards

By opting for wooden decking boards, you will have a whole rainbow of colour choices at your disposal – and you can change your mind and mix things up whenever you’re ready for a change.

The downside is that to keep your colour looking good, you’re going to have to commit to regular maintenance. Bright or dark colours will show signs of wear and colour loss more quickly than sticking to the natural wood but, either way, boards will need to be repainted or treated annually.

And let’s be honest – it’s a pain!

But there is an alternative – composite decking.

Made from a mix of recycled wood, plastic fibres and a small amount of bonding agents, composite decking is a great solution for the modern garden. Great looking, highly durable and – get this – pre-coloured, there’s no need to paint them. Ever!

Simply pick your colour and it’s job done.

Can you paint composite decking?

Think composite decking sounds great but worried you might change your mind about the colour over time? Don’t worry.

Typically sold in a range of classic browns, blacks and stylish greys, there’s minimal chance of you not liking the colour. That said, ideas and fashions change, so it’s good to know that it is possible to paint composite decking if you ever decide you want to try out a different shade…but it’s even better to know you don’t have to!

Simply follow our tips on what to consider before you make your colour choice and once your composite decking is down, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy it.