How to personalise your merchandise in a simple but standard way


Attracting your customers’ interest is not an easy job, and convince them to buy the product is even harder.

That’s why making your merchandise stand out and different is important and one way to do it is to personalize your merchandise. There are many things and services you can do to personalise your merchandise and if you are confused on how to do it, no worries, below are some methods on how to personalise your merchandise in a simple but standard way.

Personalise the packaging experience

The most affordable personalizing your merchandise is the customization of merchandise packaging. It might sound not very custom but some of the customers do need this option, especially since not everyone has the time to wrap for the gifts or that it would be taking a long time to package a big order of gift. Having this option, the customer could choose the colour of their gift wrapper, the ribbon or even an accessory and gift card. The small fee could add some profit and would be a good marketing strategy for your store.

Personalisation with temporary stickers

Custom merchandise can be costly if you only want to custom one product but not everyone wants to personalize their stuff for a long time. Sometimes, they just want a sticker or a logo of their favourite movie, characters on their gift like a mug or tumbler, something they can personalise for the time being.

You can offer this additional temporary personalization with removable stickers. This option is suitable for some customers or companies who do a big order that sell items like a tumbler, mug, bottles and many more.

Permanent Personalisation

Permanent personalization is usually done to goods like towels, shirt, notebooks and printings. It is usually cost more than the temporary one but if you have a loyal customer or company that do some big orders for their event merchandise, this would be a great way to start your business. Be sure to do it all out when it comes to permanent personalisation.

It might cost more but if your quality is better than the rest, it would leave a good impression to the buyers. Be sure to also check printkick , an online printer, to achieve this.

Custom Color

This option is usually seen in an apparel website or even accessories one. As we know shoppers or potential buyers love it when they are offered a variety of colours and patterns of certain products. They love to follow the trend and tend to choose something that matched them the best. By adding this option you could fuel their interest and visualization of the product.

It is a great personalization but if you don’t know how to do it, it might be a little hard. So make sure to have a limit list of custom colour you can do, also add some photos of the product in the respective colour so it would avoid a colour confusion. Adding some information regarding the process of the customize merchandise would be a great service as well as it would avoid any delay or miscommunication.