How to make money with photography – 10 best ways in 2020


Are you a fresh college or high school graduate at the very beginning of your journey looking for ways to monetize your passion for photography?

Or maybe you have already built a career in a different profession but always have had this dream of pursuing a new creative path? It’s never too late, especially, in the modern world where things change so rapidly that it’s difficult to keep up.

So now you are wondering, how much you are going to make and keep having doubts. The truth is, you are not going to become rich tomorrow – it’s a very challenging and highly competitive field and you will have to work hard to earn your place in the sun. But don’t get discouraged, even beginners earn £25-$75 per hour, and as you grow your business and expand your clientele, you can get from £200 to £500+ per hour of work! Sounds great, right? If you are interested, keep reading and you will discover 10 great ways to make it as a photographer.

1.    Passport Photography

If you are a beginner and looking for a low-investment business, ID photography might be perfect for you. People will always need new photos for passport, visa, and driver’s license, as long as they live – this business will constantly bring you clients and money. All you need is a decent camera, basic light and gear, a good home printer, and a passport photo software. Why the software? It will help you organize your workflow and allow you to create and maintain a client database as well as provide the latest photo requirements.

2.    Shoot Small Businesses

Walk around the neighborhood – any new locations like restaurants, shops, hotels? Take a look inside and offer your services! Every new business needs high-profile photos on their website to attract customers, and you can help them with this exciting task. Bring your awesome portfolio, put on a smile and you’ll land a gig in no time.

Shoot photography

3.    Travel Photography

Who would say no to traveling for work? If you truly enjoy exploring new places and cultures and can’t wait to get back on the plane to start your new adventure, traveling photography is absolutely something for you. And social media platforms will help you monetize it – create an Instagram account and with right SMM magic, you will sell your work to magazines and promotions.

4.    Portrait Photography

Are you a people person and enjoy meeting new people and getting to know them? Do folks trust you and feel relaxed and open around you? Then give a try to portrait photography! You don’t even need a fancy studio for it – many people prefer outside locations. Start by shooting your friends and family members to build a nice portfolio and afterward you can offer your great skills using online platforms.

5.    Real Estate Photography

Real estate is a lucrative business that does fluctuate, however always lands on its feet. It is a difficult business, but your artistic vision will make a difference. If you can bring out the best of a small boring studio apartment, your service will be in high demand.

Estate Photography

6.     Pet Photography

If you believe that animals are better than humans, look into the pet photography business. Many people love their pets so much, that they would pay very good money for great pictures of them. Besides that, dog and cat owners sometimes enter pet exhibitions that require them to have a good portfolio.

7.    Event Photography

Do you like crowded places with music, dancing and everyone having a good time? Then you could make a great event photographer. Your life will be filled with weddings, graduation and birthday parties, anniversaries, and other happy events that people cherish for the rest of their lives. Help them preserve these special moments!

8.    Contests

This is a great opportunity to build your brand, get some recognition, and even win a small prize. Look for contests online, select your best work, and apply. Even if you don’t win anything, you will receive a very thorough professional feedback from the organizers and build great connections.


9.    Stock Photography

Stock photography is an easy way to create a stable passive income. Go to popular stock photography websites, read their requirements, and send your great work. If they like your images, they will upload them and sell to businesses, magazines, and brochures, and you will profit from the royalties.

10. Photography Blog

Do you like writing and sharing your thoughts and ideas? Then start a blog where you will write about your professional experience in the field of photography. Maybe, some other aspiring photographers will learn from your mistakes and listen to your advice. If you succeed in building an audience and creating a name for your blog, your followers will turn into potential clients.

The business of photography is going to give you tons of stress and feelings of self-doubt, but if you pull through and make it, you will be the happiest person – someone who managed to monetize their hobby and passion!