How to make money during the pandemic

How to make money during the pandemic

At lot of Brits have been challenged by the pandemic, with the unemployment having risen from 3,8% to 4,5% in August.

If you are one of those people, who has lost their jobs or if you just want to earn extra money, continue reading.

Make money from your skills

A lot of successful businesses were created during economic hardships.

If you’ve lost your job, or if you feel stuck in your current one, now is the time to do some deep thinking. What do you really want to work with? What are your skills? If the answer to those questions don’t align with your current work field, you should consider starting your own business.

And if you are unsure of what your skills really are, a good first step can be asking your colleagues or taking a test online. When you’ve figured out, what your skills are, the next step is figuring out, how you can take advantage of your skills. Maybe you have a hidden photographer in you? Or maybe you are excellent at social media? You don’t have to start a big business, but you can always start small, and work your way up. Contact your family and friends and try to reach out to their family and friends.

Part-time jobs

If you are thinking, you don’t want to dive right into making your own business, don’t worry. Right now, a great way of making ends meet is part-time jobs. Maybe you have an engineering background, which is perfect for working as a developer. Maybe you are bilingual or even trilingual? People are searching for translators online all the time, whether it is for translating documents or other things.

You could also consider working as an online tutor. There are several platforms online, where you can teach English to Chinese children. Since you are teaching in Beijing time, this is not necessarily a daytime job.

As you can see, there are several ways to earn extra money during these difficult economic times. Uf you end up taking one of these job opportunities, you can hopefully earn a bit more money than now. And why not spend it on something fun? You can get a bonus in online casinos and earn more money, than if you were to spend it elsewhere.

If you have lost your job and you are struggling with money, do consider seeking financial support from the government.