How to make any start-up look more professional

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When a business is just starting out, there are so many things to worry about at the core level, that the entrepreneur often ends up ignoring how it actually looks to potential customers.

Being and looking professional are both of paramount importance to the success of any business and just in case you have a start-up of your own and you can relate to this, here are a few simple methods to make any business look more professional instantly.

Dedicated contact numbers

Every business needs a dedicated number, even if it is run by just one man. Your private number and your business number should not be the same and preferably, the business number should be registered in the name of the business itself. Get a toll free 0800number to make the business seem even more authentic and professional than just a regular phone number.

Mark your documents with your brand

For hundreds of years in business history, business stamps have been used for marking documents as originals and for proving their authenticity. If you have a company and an office, you need company stamps; it’s as simple and straightforward as that. In case you don’t have any in your office yet, you can check out the company stamps at Stamps4You for a whole range of customisable choices. The simple act of stamping the name of your organisation onto documents is not only great for advertising your company logo, but it’s also an instant sign of authority and professionalism.

Create a dedicated website

Get your own domain name and make sure that it is as closely related to your company name as possible. This can be a bit difficult, since there are so many websites live these days, so anything that’s close to the actual name or the business’s nature is good enough. However, do avoid names that are difficult to remember and instead, choose something that’s catchy and sticks in the mind easily. Random words and numbers in the URL are also terrible for SEO purposes. Don’t forget to add an elaborate “Contact Us” and “About Us” section to the website before anything else as they are some of the primary requisites for achieving the professional look we are going for here.

Additionally, make sure that your website also comes with a dedicated email address that looks something like “” It’s hard to take a company very professionally if their domain name ends with @gmail.comfor instance!

Aside from the simple tips here, which will add more seriousness to your business’s name, keep in mind that nothing stands out as a better testament to your company’s professionalism than the work that you do. Meet deadlines, keep communication lines open for your customers at all times and dedicate your resources primarily towards constantly improving the products/services you provide. Nevertheless, initial impressions go a long way towards landing businesses in the first place, so don’t forget to brush up on what we just discussed here either.