How to live healthy without a cell phone?

yoga to destress

We are so accustomed to our cell phone that if we accidentally forget it at home or at work, we feel “helpless”.

It is true that it provides us with quick business and personal connections, and access to information regardless of the distance, as that is a great service for us.

 The truth, however, is that to a great extent we use the phones to deal with boredom, and not because we really need it. We just fill in the free time – gossiping, visiting sites and networks, playing games, taking selfie and so on. And before we realize it, this becomes a habit, creating an addiction, as the phone starts to possess our time.

“Falling in love” with our phone is part of the sedentary way of life that the modern people have, leading to overweight and a number of diseases – of the blood vessels, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis and so on.

We can mention some direct negative effects of the overuse of mobile phones. Contacting via phones excludes the facial expression and intonation, the empathy diminishes, and all this is very important in order to understand others and to build human relationships; the contacts become more and more superficial. Focused on the screens, we hardly notice and listen to others, we disconnect ourselves from the real life; we are distracted by the notifications and invitations, as this prevents concentration at work.

We can list more negative effects, but the problems actually is not in the phones and technologies. The problem is why we don’t fill our free time with activities and entertainment that are healthy and normal for the human.

There are many ways to spend our time doing pleasant and healthy activities – dancing classes, healing and aerobic gymnastics, swimming, walking in nature and so on.  Such a healthy model, for example, is set in the programs of the 5-star clinic LuckyFit, located in the town of Bansko, for a long-term weight loss, cleansing of the organism of toxins and anti-stress.

With such healthy models, the time is fun, while the client gets slimmer, the metabolism improves, as well as the muscle strength, physical endurance and overall tone, and the general health gets better.

Leisure time, health, detox and yoga

When we talk about getting out of the sedentary way of life and starting to perform some healthy activities, naturally comes the question of releasing the body of the toxins accumulated so far. In our body are entering different poisons from the polluted air and water, the chemical processing of the soil and food, and through the skin. They also may be caused by intestinal parasites.

The risk increases when we don’t choose carefully what we eat, when we follow an unhealthy lifestyle. These toxins poison the cells in our organism, as it is unable to cleanse itself, then the metabolism gets disturbed, the functions of organs and systems are confused, as all this leads to health problems.

The detoxification includes a special diet, physical activity through exercise and gymnastics, physiotherapy and so on. The specific methods depend on various factors – the individual characteristics of the body, age, diseases and so on. It is best to carry out the detoxification treatment under the supervision of medical specialists, for example under the program Complete Detox, which is offered in the LuckyFit clinic, located in the town of Bansko, where one can get cleansing of individual organs, the blood or of the entire body.

An effective way to understand leisure time and to improve the health condition is the yoga practice. It helps not only physically, but it also betters self-control of the psyche and consciousness.

Thus, yoga helps people to lose weight and increase their immunity, to lose stress, develop the intuition, improve relations with the others, etc. Furthermore, the classes are accompanied by lectures and educational materials with regard to the philosophy of yoga, schools, types, asanas, their purpose and the respective benefits.

There are different programs – for beginners, for advanced, for children and for pregnant women. With all this variety, it is good to seek courses led by Indian yoga instructors, as you can find such in Lucky Yoga to ensure proper introduction in the teachings and to gain maximum benefits.