How to limit your child’s use of the smartphone


Giving cell phones to your children is both good and bad. Good because they can stay in touch with you and connect to the world. It is bad because technology is not that safe for children.

It is full of filth that you do not want your children to get exposed to. Also, children are not aware of how much money they spend when using their smartphones. These bills are charged on you. With all these factors, it is important to control and limit how your child uses their cell phones. Here is a guide to doing so.

  1. Install parental Control App

It is the first thing you should do as a parent when handing a smartphone over to your child. With a parental control app, you switch on and off the phone according to the schedule you have set up for your child. Also, if your child misbehaves, you can shut down the phone for them. The parental app helps you block websites and content that aren’t suitable for children viewing.

  1. Create a Schedule

Create a schedule indicating when your child is allowed to touch the phone. Having a schedule helps the child not to spend too much time on the phone. A schedule enables the child to have a social life, have enough study time, eat well and play.  Create a schedule and let the child abide by the rules.

Alternatively, use an app that switches off the phone after a certain period. For instance, set the phone to automatically go off after two hours of usage. Do the same for the apps that you do not want your child to access after some time.

  1. Install Spying Apps

A spying application enables you to watch what another person is doing on their phones. It allows you to see the sites they visit, read someone’s texts messages without their knowledge, see who they call and talk to and listen to their conversations. When you install a spying app on your child’s smartphone, you are not being nosy. You are simply looking out after your child to ensure they are safe on the internet.

  1. Withdraw the Phone

If your child is using the phone inappropriately or violating the rules, take away the phone completely. Alternatively, switch off the major applications or shut down the SIM card. However, let this be the last option you resort to when punishing the child.

  1. Set a Good Example

Children pick up habits from people close to them. In this case, your child is likely to do what you do. If you are spending too much time on the phone, your child is going to do the same. Before you confront your child, evaluate how much time you are spending on your phone. Set a good example for your child. Limit your time on the phone and fuel more time to talking to your child.

  1. Control the Wi-Fi

In addition to limiting phone usage, control Wi-Fi usage. As a parent, install home internet that allows you to switch it on and off at your convenience. A Wi-Fi router with these features allows you to limit the websites your child has access to. If you want to safeguard your child’s interest and safety over the internet, invest in a good quality router with such features.

  1. Educate Them

Teach your child the good and the bad that result due to the poor use of the internet. Education goes a long way to keeping your child safe.

There is no crime committed to monitoring how your child uses their smartphone. It is your duty as a parent to keep your child safe and away from content that might damage their lives. Apply these tips to limit your child’s use of the internet.