Business tech you already use that you might not know is scalable


The key to any good business technology is its scalability and potential to grow with the company without depreciating.

The development of artificial intelligence, data algorithms, and Windows cloud servers has allowed our technology to move with our businesses and learn how to benefit them in line with their growth.

It doesn’t matter whether our businesses are experiencing seasonal demand, periods of continuous custom or we’re going through a little bit of a dry period, the best business technology provides cost-savings and efficiencies no matter what the demands on the business. Here are just a few technologies you may already be using that you didn’t know were scalable:

Windows cloud servers and communication systems

Perhaps the most utilised business technology is the cloud. For many outside the business world, the cloud can seem like an ominous bit of technology reigning high above us in the ether. But do not fear, the cloud vastly improves the way we communicate with our customers and colleagues and provides cost-savings in times of low-demand. The need for space-consuming phone hardware is eliminated and replaced with a centralised phone system that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, by the people who need it most. No longer will you be missing out on those important out-of-office business calls and you’ll now be able to capitalise on those sweet, sweet business deals instead.

E-commerce stores

E-commerce platforms

like Shopify are perfect for new start-ups and established businesses to organise and centralise their products online. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling one product or one thousand, the software still operates in the same way. This means that from the advent of your business, throughout growth and the peak of your trade you’ll have the e-commerce software alongside you to meet the demand of new products and new seasons. Not only this but the data behind the products is also monitored and managed so you don’t have to.

Data Analysis

When our companies grow, the amount of information that surrounds them grows significantly. You may think that a huge customer-base can only mean good things, but what about when you’re conducting important customer research? How do you tackle that? Thanks to the intelligence of our computer algorithms data can now be analysed and quantified without the need for a human to crunch the numbers. This is particularly beneficial when it comes to businesses processing rapid growth of custom, but the data is processed just as effectively for businesses using small-time analytics across customer data, paid advertising campaigns or SEO performance.

Long gone are the days when depreciation puts an end to our favourite pieces of business technology. The scalability of our business solutions means that we can enjoy cost-savings in the areas that matter the most and put all our efforts into improving our businesses where needed. Scalability is important not only for companies experiencing positive growth trajectories, but also for businesses whose output fluctuates and changes. You’ll only ever pay for what you need.