How to license your music: Get your music ready for licensing


Due to technological advancement, anyone can listen and record music on online applications.

There are various applications and websites which host such streaming of personal music like Spotify, YouTube, etc. hence, all you have got to do is start recording your songs and music and streaming it online on such websites and applications.

If you have the talent to sing or music, one upload and the internet can make you famous. In case you record music and it has been streamed enough by people then you as an owner will receive royalty of the songs which have been made by you.

It is pertinent to mention that when you make music or song which is new and novel. When you write a song your song or music is protected by the intellectual property right which is copyright which protects literary and artistic work.

Everyone who makes music or record songs gets copyright of the songs or music that you create and record. Further, there are various websites and applications where you can earn royalties for your music and songs like for example YouTube where all people put up their recorded songs online and earn money upon reaching certain number of subscribers.

Since the same is a profitable business, in this article we will talk about how to license your music and getting your music ready for licensing.

How to license your music

  1. Select your best songs and export them into .mp3 or wav format. However, it should be an original song and not lyrics or other music of any other person.  Further, you should own the music that you are uploading on any online website or application and it should be new and novel and not any song which has already been released/recorded by any other person. Further, in case you have entered any agreement with any label or publisher you should probably talk to them. You should upload your music in the best quality as possible. Further, some of the basic qualifications for your music like it should be between 24 to 16 bits, and between 320 kbps to 128 kbps, etc.
  2. You should make sure that your music has appropriate metadata attached to the music file like name of the track, artist, album, genre, and release date, etc. so that your music can be easily distinguishable from other songs. You should name your song and album before uploading any song on any website or application.
  3.  Keep data of all your music data in any manner that you want to contain details of name of the music, a small description of your music and other details that you would like to keep regarding your music.
  4. Register your music with organizations like performance right organization which ensure that you receive the royalty that you are entitled to receive when one plays your music in public. These organizations guarantee that you receive royalties for your music and songs that you own upon the usage of your song or music on radio or television etc. whenever your music or song is played by anyone in public, such organization will make sure that you receive the royalty on your music or songs. You can search apps on google store which pays the royalty on your songs & Music but they will charge an annual fee or they will deduct 10-20 percent share from royalty.
  5. You can visit the official website of Tencent music entertainment (TME) for distribution & promotion of your content, TME is famous for their content and they are holding good position in the market, they are providing many services related to Music production, they having apps which offers great content to audience, if you want to license your music and want to earn some royalty on your music then you can contact them or you can visit their website for knowing more about them.


When you see technological advancement, one song, one video can make you famous and can make you earn royalties for your songs and music. Thus, if, you make your own music and streamed or post it online to be heard by people.

Further, upon receiving a certain number of subscribers and listeners, you as an owner are entitled to receive royalty on your songs which have been made by you. Hence, if anyone playing your music or recorded songs you will receive royalties upon such songs and music.

Thus, you can use various platforms like websites and applications wherein you can upload your song and earn royalties upon streaming your music online.