Does automated trading work for first time traders?


For a first-time trader, automated trading breaks the process down and guarantees progress even from the smallest market movements.

While this trading method may not ensure a full profit from trading, it ensures you will learn from watching the trades. One can also refer to this trading system as algorithmic trading as it specifies ground rules for entries as well as exits in trade.

You will read ahead in the article, exactly why automated trading is beneficial to first-timers.

Reduces the involvement of emotions

Emotions can be a big obstacle in the path of money-making, and for beginners, this issue can be amplified by many folds. However, with the use of automated trading techniques, you can  eliminate emotions from your agenda altogether.

Since the entire procedure gets computed on its own, once the criteria are fulfilled, any probable dilemma in work is eradicated.

Allows back testing

In algorithmic trading, there is no place for guesswork, and the rules fed to the computer need to be absolute. Back testing gives the trader an entire history of previous trades and rules that allows the individual to carefully analyze his data theoretically, before putting actual money at risk.

A detailed study of historical data with the assistance of back testing can give the trader accurate results as to what he can expect from the trade idea.

Versatility in trade

The trader doesn’t have to stick to a strategy just because he’s new to the field. Automated trading gives one the freedom to experiment in different accounts and strategies at the same time. This technique effectively reduces the risk factor by distributing it among multiple aspects.

While this might look like a strenuous exercise whilst trading manually, a machine can easily scan through thousands of options in a couple of seconds, hence reducing the job for you.

Boosts the speed of order entry

The rate of data processing gets multiplied many times as the time taken for the human thought process is entirely subtracted. One can crack a deal in the blink of an eye without any delay with the help of algorithmic trading, as this method initiates the process just when the criteria are met.

Protective stops and profit targets are generated on their own just as the deal is entered and all trade orders are carried forward in time, to give you the best benefits.

Makes the work disciplined

Unlike manual trading, where work discipline gets hammered due to emotional factors, automated trading sticks to the given plan. The possibilities of any human error are also reduced significantly; this ensures greater profit from trading. The fear of taking a decision or losing a deal can cause an obstruction in trading for manual traders, but not when a computer does the job.

Automated trading also eliminates the chances of rule-breaking and ensures transparency. Moreover, it enables the trader to be in line with the trade consistently, irrespective of emotional and societal barriers.