How to Get Your Deck Ready for Spring

As winter snows continue to blanket much of the country, it may be difficult to imagine that spring is just around the corner.

In just weeks, the snow will start to melt, and the spring season’s beginning signs will start to appear. Now is the time to start planning to prepare your outdoor deck and landscaping for the coming season.

The faster you get to work on your deck and yard, the more quickly you and your family can enjoy some time in your outdoor spaces. The harsh winter weather can take a toll on your decks and it will take a bit of work to get them looking fresh and ready to use.

If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor deck, you want to maximize the amount of time that you can enjoy it. Let’s take a closer look at a few tips for getting your deck ready for spring.


After a long winter, your deck probably looks like a mess. Wet leaves, stains, and slippery stains can make your deck a danger to you and your family. Your first step after the snow melts to prep your deck for spring is to give it a thorough cleaning. Start by sweeping off all the debris and cleaning out the cracks. Your next step is to fire up your pressure washer and give the whole deck a cleaning. Pay close attention to your steps, as they can create a slippery hazard for your family. Your pressure washer can give your deck a new life, but you may want to include a wood cleaning product in your power washing system for the best results.

Air Out Your Furniture

Spring is the time when you start to take your outdoor furniture out of the garage or shed. Keep in mind that your furnishing has been locked up for a few months and will need a bit of refreshing. Fluff up all your cushions and let them air out in the sun for a few days before putting them back on your furniture. If your cushions have a musty smell, you can use a refreshing fabric spray to give them new life. Use your pressure washer or hose to clean all your furnishings.


Safety should always be a priority for homeowners. Your deck is no exception. Over the winter, your deck may have sustained some damage and wear. Before you open your deck for the season, make any necessary repairs. Ensure all of your boards are secure, all nails and screws are pounded down, railings are secure, and steps are solid.

Spray for Bugs

Your wooden deck can be a harvesting spot for many insects, including termites. In the early spring, before many insects have hatched, is the best time to spray your deck with a protective coating or insecticide. You will be glad that you have taken action early in the year when you don’t have to face an infestation during the busy summer deck season.

If you dream of warm spring weather, it’s time to start planning your deck maintenance. Follow these tips to help you prepare your deck for those bright spring days that you can enjoy with friends and family.