How to get free help in a specialized drug rehab

Drug Rehab

Treatment of drug addiction can be expensive for those underinsured or uninsured. Unfortunately, limited finances hinder many people from seeking treatment for addiction.

College students with an addiction problem are particularly unable to seek treatment because they can’t afford costly treatment. Nevertheless, many resources can help under-insured and uninsured individuals get treatment.

University and college time entails enduring long study hours, worrying about academic grades, as well as, meeting new people and making friends. But, that’s not all. College or university are also the time to get a little rowdy, especially on Friday nights. It’s unfortunate that relaxing and having fun over the weekend means overindulging in alcohol and addictive substances for some students.

Consequently, some learners end up with addiction for which they can’t afford treatment. For a long time, alcohol consumption has been a common way of abusing substances for college and university students. However, the use of prescription drugs, marijuana, and illicit drugs is also increasing in this demographic. The good news is that addicted students can now get free drug rehab. They just need to know how to get treatment for free to beat their addiction.

Reasons for Substance Abuse among Students

Research indicates that students face unique challenges that make them vulnerable to the use of marijuana, alcohol, and prescription drugs. Most students turn to drugs and alcohol to deal with peer and academic pressure, forget problems, relieve stress, and fit in. The fact that the administrations of most colleges and universities are less concerned facilitates the drug abuse culture. Here are some of the major reasons why students abuse substances.

Peer Pressure

Many students abuse substances like illicit drugs and alcohol just to belong to certain college and university groups. In most cases, students are exposed to illicit substances for the first time in college. Thus, they are introduced to drugs by their friends. They succumb to peer pressure while trying to fit in or avoid looking odd.


For many students, college presents a good place to experiment. That’s because they probably had strict parents that didn’t allow them to go out alone. Some students abuse substances because they want to have new and fun experiences away from parents. Once such students give one drug a try, they want to see how it can affect them when combined with another one. That’s why most students smoke marijuana when drinking alcohol.

Another experience that many students yearn for is having sex when high on cocaine. Unfortunately, a habit that starts as a way of having fun leads to addiction. This leaves some students seeking free drug addiction treatment because they can’t afford the high cost of quality care.

Anxiety and Stress

Universities and colleges are not just about games and fun. Students in these learning institutions face intense academic pressure. That’s because they are required to complete multiple assignments, make presentations, sit midterm exams and tests, and go for an internship.

What’s more, most students are not decided on what to do once they complete their studies. That’s why they do not pick their majors until the senior or junior years. These challenges cause anxiety and stress among students. To deal with academic anxiety, stress, and pressure, some students use addictive substances.

Lowering Inhibitions

Social interactions are a major part of university or college life. As such, introverted persons have a difficult time coping with college and university environments. Alcohol and drugs help some students in lowering inhibitions. They also minimize the social anxiety they face when interacting with new people. Unfortunately, some students become addicted to drugs and alcohol in the process. Thus, they can’t socialize with their colleagues or attend social events without drinking alcohol or using drugs.

Possible Treatment

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, substance use disorder or addiction is not easy to treat. That’s because a person can’t just stop using the addictive substance. In most cases, patients need repeated care or long-term care to stop using the addictive substance completely or to recover their normal lives.

For addiction treatment to be considered effective, it must help a person achieve the following:

  • Stop using the addictive substance
  • Stay alcohol or drug-free
  • Be productive at work and family level, as well as, in their society

Today, there are many for-profit and free rehab centers that provide effective science-based treatment for addiction. Others take religious and alternative medicine approaches in treating addiction. Nevertheless, the most important thing is to ensure that a person beats addiction safely and leads a sober, healthy life.

Some of the possible treatment for students with substance abuse problem includes:

  • Behavioral counseling.
  • Medical applications and devices for treating withdrawal symptoms or providing skills training.
  • Treatment of co-occurring mental health problems like anxiety and depression.
  • Long-term support or follow-up aimed at preventing relapse.

Depending on the chosen rehab facility, a wide range of professional care is provided with a customized treatment program. Different follow-up options are also provided to ensure long-term recovery. Effective treatment includes both mental and medical health services. Follow-up care can include family-based or community-based recovery support systems.

Getting Free Rehabs

If you have limited finances and you need treatment for addiction or alcoholism, there are several ways you can get free addiction help. They include the following:

State-Funded Rehab Program

In most states, funding for alcohol and drug rehabilitation services is offered via substance abuse or public mental health treatment centers. These are accessible to individuals with no income or no insurance. You must prove that you have no income or insurance and be a legal resident of the state where the facility offering free treatment is located.

Faith-Based Rehab

Some faith-based rehabs offer free alcohol and drug recovery programs. These facilities use faith traditions in their treatment programs. Therefore, you should practice their faith to receive and benefit from their free treatment.


Some organizations provide scholarships to enable individuals with no insurance or income to afford addiction treatment. SAMHSA can also provide grants that enable individuals to afford the treatment.

Family and Friends

You can also access addiction treatment by seeking financial support from family and friends. Most of your friends and family members will be glad to support you get treatment and regain control over your life.

The Bottom Line

Many students get into drug abuse as a way of having fun. Unfortunately, they end up with addiction for which they don’t have sufficient funds to treat. Luckily, anybody can get free drug addiction help as long as they are genuinely interested and determined to regain control over their life. If you or a loved one is battling addiction, consider different options discussed here to seek free treatment.

Photo by Mitchell Hollander on Unsplash