How to find a reputable Belmont Stakes betting site online

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This year’s Belmont Stakes is fast approaching and will take place on June 20, 2020. It is the first time that Belmont will serve as a starter for the Triple Crown races, followed by the Kentucky Derby, and culminated by the Preakness Stakes.

The realignment of these races is brought by the severe chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In line with that, the Belmont Stakes and the succeeding races will have no audience, allowing only the competitors and event organizers to grace the racing field. It’s to make sure that the Triple Crown organization can maintain the home quarantine rules set by the government to contain the severity of the virus.

While we expect a fanless Belmont Stakes event, it won’t stop the betting games at all. The fans and the bettors are highly advised to partake in the betting games online and watch the race via live coverage. That said, below are the essential pointers you must take note of How to Bet on the Belmont Stakes race and finding legit betting sites online.

Utilize A Recommended Site

Gambling online is easy, but finding a reputable site can be quite tricky. Today, we’re experiencing hard times due to the danger brought by the Coronavirus, forcing us to stay at home. As bettors, finding a trustworthy site requires a lot of research and homework before signing up and wager.

One tip that can aid you in looking for a legit betting site is to look for recommendations. You can either ask suggestions from seasoned bettors on what’s the best betting site to sign up. Other than that, you can also read reviews online about specific online bookies to look up how effective they work with their clients.

Review The Racing Coverage

When betting for horse racing events online, like the upcoming Belmont Stakes, use a site that offers the full coverage of the race. Having this feature means that the site helps its users compare the odds carefully. The website must not be restricted to few and selected races to ensure more fun and exciting betting activity.

Aside from that, the site should also cover other races, such as the succeeding segments of the U.S. Triple Crown. It will allow you to stick with one betting category showing the same odds. Aside from that, your choice of picking the right betting games is not limited, so you will have more opportunities for winning.

Differentiate and Compare Odds

To find legitimate sites when betting for the Belmont Stakes online, it will be helpful to compare each odds. Every bookie has a different way of showing the odds value for each horse, with some requiring you to sign up with a bigger payout. Additionally, the odds value set by the site must be realistic and practical to wager.

Moreover, there are betting sites intended for the Triple Crown race that show additional bonuses when you win the betting game. You can also consider signing up for these sites so you can increase your chances of winning. As stated, the bonus you can win on top of the amount you bet must be feasible.

Consider The Banking Options

An excellent and legit horse betting site allows you to choose the most convenient way of banking. The website must not limit its users to only one deposit and withdrawal method, as this is prone to scamming bettors. The method of payment must come either in debit, credit, or other banking options.

You should also find the site’s payment options by reading their FAQ section along with the Terms and Conditions. Make sure that the site lays out the exact timeframe as to when they can send the payout after winning the betting game. Lastly, consider the places or stores where you can deposit money to your betting account. These establishments must be convenient and accessible to you.

Examine The Site’s Promotions

One of the elements that attract bettors to sign up for a betting site is the massive availability of promotions and bonuses. Since the Belmont Stakes and the Triple Crown races are considered as huge events, online bookies are offering more promotions regarding these upcoming events.

While it is good to sign up for a netting site that can offer you additional income brought by promotions, you should also think twice. Some bookies may just be luring you in with these promotions, making you gamble larger amounts instead.


Signing up for a horse race betting site depends on your preferences, requirements, and considerations. However, it is always important to be mindful of the requirements to check the legitimacy of the site so you won’t lose your money instead. If you’re doubtful upon the first look, avoid the site as much as possible. There are many decent choices you can find online, so make sure to use those instead.