How to effectively improve your business’ ranking on Search engines


In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, all of us are advised to stay at home and minimize our activities outside to reduce the rate of infection.

To keep our lives going, agencies are now using the Internet to provide services to the public.

Work from home transactions is more emphasized nowadays, which helped us to continue living “normally”.

Even before the pandemic, businesses have always been eager to serve their customers in any way possible. Actually, they are only one keyword away. Little did we know, aside from keeping track of their profit and the flow of their business with their graphs and numbers, they also kept track of one thing: their ranks on multiple search engines.

Primary Ways To Improve Your Ranking

Establish A Business Account

If you want your business to get recognized online, this is one way to do it. Since we are now fully integrated into the digital world, you might as well make use of it. There are free tools on the Internet that allows a person to set up an account for his/her business.

Just put your exact location and areas that are near to your business, the category of your business as well as products and services that you provide, and additional information such as attributes and keywords that will get detected by search engines.

Build A Strong Online Presence

Aside from including your brand in the list of business directories, setting up a social media account and a website is another way for you to get noticed. Regularly update your social media account with photos or simple posts that last for 24 hours. Do not be ashamed to use hashtags and tag other accounts on a post. Put yourself out there!

Moreover, encourage people to drop a review of your business through your web pages. In the blog post Google Local Services Ranking Factors, the relationship between consumers and entrepreneurs are emphasized. They pointed out the things to consider in running ads for your business.

Additionally, establish an accessible website. We cannot deny that we do not use our phones every day. These devices have become our primary computers. With that said, your website should be accessible by any device, primarily smartphones. Different types of website generators have a feature that helps customize the appearance of your site on a mobile device.

Expand Your Network

Lastly, you have to work with other professionals to make your business known to other people. The most prominent way to communicate your services to the public is through photos or any form of visual art. You can commission a local artist to make a video or series of photos that promote your products and services.

Another way to work with people is to hold an event. Due to the pandemic, face-to-face events are impossible, so do it in the virtual world. The event should have keywords that are commonly searched by people regarding brands and businesses. Going live and doing projects with other brands is a great way to introduce your business to the Internet.  You can also request other brands to work with you and on a deal that will benefit both parties.

Collaborating with other people does not only benefit your business, but also the endeavors of other people. Furthermore, this is a great way to get recommended to others—consumers or entrepreneurs.

Factors That Affect The Ranking

In any type of arrangement on this planet, there are always factors that contribute to the placement of the subjects. The Internet can provide you a number of these factors affecting ranking on search engines, but these are just some of them by Google Support:

  • Relevance refers to how well your business profile and information match what the consumer is looking for.
  • Accessibility refers to the proximity or distance of the business establishment to the consumer.
  • Prominence is how well-known or even famous a certain business is.

Securing a rank on a search engine is one of the ways to keep our business recognized by people. It builds trust and shows the authenticity of our brand, which in one way or another, creates more profit. Furthermore, it allows different brands to work together on a project to promote their brands.

However, it is not always practical that we always push anything to get to the top. We might desire a booming business, but we have to keep our welfare as human beings. Surely our lives are much more important than profit, right?