How to download video from Youtube for free?


Millions of people use the internet everyday: some use to complete their daily work; some use it  both research or study; others use it for entertainment.

No matter what may be our daily use, individuals use Youtube for all purposes everyday and sometimes even multiple times in a day. For office workers, Youtube is an excellent resource to learn new software or to help you with the filing problem you are stuck at. For students, Youtube has millions of self-study help videos that demonstrate and educate about almost every topic imaginable. For entertainment purposes Youtube has millions to music videos, movies, short plays, short films, comedy stand-ups, etc.

While the number of internet users is increasing day by day, many people experience poor internet connectivity due to poor infrastructure in their area, or are merely limited by the amount of data they can use or purchase in a day. Whatever the case may be, Youtube remains everyone’s favourite and no one can seem to get enough of it.

However, not being able to constantly access Youtube’s videos can be frustrating for some people. Also frustrating is that you may need to load the same video multiple times for multiple watches which means more data being consumed. In such cases, downloading videos from Youtube seems like the best possible solution.

Save from is an excellent and user-friendly Youtube downloader and an excellent resource for individuals who wish to download videos from Youtube. It is simply a program that you install on your device and it gets integrated into your browser. Whenever you wish to download a video from Youtube, irrespective of its size, you merely need to click on a button that says download and your video begins downloading. However, if you do not want to install Savefrom on your device, you can simply write “ss” in the URL just before youtube and you get a pop up that requests permission for download.

The advantages of Savefrom are numerous and unique: First of all, you can conveniently download whatever video you want, not just from Youtube, but from any other video sharing website or platform too. Secondly, it doesn’t contain any malware or virus that can harm your device.

Thirdly, it is super quick and saves you the hassle of downloading the video from third party websites or torrents which are not only difficult to find but also come along with a lot of viruses and malware.

Another advantage of Savefrom is that it is a multi-platform program and downloads videos from other social networking or otherwise websites too. For instance, if you wish to download Instagram video you can do so too with the help of Savefrom. Especially if the video you want to download belongs to a private profile or a private story, Savefrom is  very useful as it doesn’t notify the individual that their video is being saved.

Savefrom’s numerous advantages also include the point hat Savefrom works on both PCs and on smartphones. It can be used as an add on on your PC browser or downloaded as an app for Android users. Another benefit of using Savefrom is that is is completely free to use with no hidden charges. Unlike other downloaders, Savefrom doesn’t charge its users any money to download videos.

Another added advantage of using Savefrom on your mobile as an app is that you can maintain a video folder or folders in your mobile’s gallery. You can watch these videos, whether on PC or on mobile, numerous times a day while staying offline and not spending an additional MB of data at all. Saveform can really be a blessing in this fake app dominated world.