How to design an awesome business t-shirt

Branded t shirt

So, you’re thinking about designing a company t-shirt for your business. Maybe your company has casual Fridays and you want to be able to match as a team.

Or maybe you just want your employees to have a company t-shirt they can wear on the weekend to help promote your business.

If you’ve never designed a t-shirt before, you might not know where to begin. And if you want your employees to wear what you make, you’re going to need that t-shirt to be as awesome as possible. And how exactly are you going to do that? Well, here are some tips you’ll want to keep in mind!

Think about your goals

First, determine why you want a branded t-shirt. As mentioned above, some companies want them so that employees can wear them to work or to promote the business. Other businesses want t-shirts that they can give to customers for promotional purposes.

Your goals impact what sort of design you need. For example, if they’re for employees to wear to work, you can get away with something as simple as your logo. Promotional t-shirts, however, will need to be more eye-catching.

Determine the logistics

While thinking about your goals, think about various logistics. Determine how many t-shirts you need, what various sizes you might need, and what your budget is. This allows you to narrow down your options.

Having a budget in mind can determine the quality of the shirts you purchase. You can think about what type of material you want, whether you want custom labels such as these from Dutch Label Shop USA, and if you should DIY or hire someone.

Look into printing options

As you look through your options, you’ll realize that there are different printing options, such as screen printing or heat transferred. Screen printing is typically used when mass producing but there are limitations in terms of design.

Screen printing is also one of the most cost-effective methods. But if you’re looking to order t-shirts that have a complex, colorful design or don’t want your design to crack over time, you’ll need to consider more expensive options, such as dye sublimation.

Alternatively, you can explore the use of a DTF printer, which offers a viable solution for complex and colorful designs on t-shirts without the risk of cracking over time, making it a durable and visually appealing option compared to more expensive methods like dye sublimation.

DIY or Designer

At a certain point, you’ll need to determine whether you want to DIY your t-shirts or whether you should hire a designer. If you’ve never designed a t-shirt before but still want an amazing looking t-shirt, it could make sense to outsource a freelance designer.

Some printing companies have designers on staff that will work with you to create a design. They may ask you for a mock-up, but then offer suggestions on how the design can be improved.

Figure out a design

Finally, once you know what type of t-shirt you want and all of the various logistics regarding what you can and cannot afford, it is time to start thinking about design! You want a design that is eye-catching but relevant to your company.

Companies will need to find a way to incorporate their logo or their company name into the design. Just remember that the more branded a t-shirt is, the more it can help with your promotional efforts!

Choose colors wisely

While thinking through your design, keep in mind that certain colors look different on a computer screen than they do when printing. Colors appear brighter on-screen but can become duller or change shade when printed.

Plus, your design will need to contrast with the color of the t-shirt. For example, if you’re printing on black t-shirts, you will want to avoid dark colors, because they’re going to blend into the t-shirt. You’ll need to go with a light color.

Get them printed

Finally, it will be time to get your t-shirts printed! The printing company will ask for a high-resolution file that contains a company of your design, then the company will take care of the rest!

Keep in mind that the company may contact you if they find a problem with the design, such as it not printing correctly on the chosen fabric. When choosing a printing company, always know whether they will work with you to fix problems or if you have to absorb the cost.

Final thoughts

Congrats, you’re on your way to designing an awesome business t-shirt! As long as you think through your design and logistics (and hire a professional if needed) before jumping into things, you’ll likely come up with a t-shirt you can be proud of. And, keep in mind, many companies switch up their t-shirts every couple of years.