How to declutter kitchen countertops & keep them clear

Declutter Kitchen

In this post we will share tips that will help you declutter your kitchen counter tops and keep them clean and organized.

You will agree with me when I say that, a cluttered kitchen feels small and congested. Kitchens are one of the most important parts of the house. I mean almost everyone passes through the kitchen or benefits from it at least once per day. Therefore, having a clean organized decluttered kitchen is important so as to maintain hygiene. Here are tips from Evolve Cleaning on how to declutter your kitchen countertops:

Clean your countertop completely

Given that cooking involves using various types of oils, most kitchen countertops are prone to becoming greasy. As a result, the first step should be clear everything around your kitchen countertop and put it on the floor or dining table.

This way you will have a clear space to work with. You should then clean every space in your countertop thoroughly, having a good degreaser at this point will come in handy to degrease your countertop and the walls around. There are so many degreasers in the market and knowing which one to buy could be a daunting task. So, check this post here for some insight.

After thoroughly cleaning your countertops and walls around it, make sure to clean each and every item you had removed before and return it to its rightful place.

Only keep what you need in your kitchen countertops

Sometimes you will discover that there are a lot of stuff in your kitchen countertop that you rarely use. The next step should be getting rid of these excess items. You can either put them in a cupboard or in the attic especially if you rarely use them.

Only give priority to items that you use regularly such as:

  • Dish rack
  • Fruit basket
  • Coffeemaker
  • Microwave
  • Crock of cooking tools

Once you have selected what you use on daily basis. You should put them in close proximity to where they are often used. For instance, it would be convenient to put a coffee maker near the mugs cabinet.

Crocks of cooking tools should be near the stove and so on.

This way everything will be where you need it and it will be much easier to retrieve and return since you already know it rightful position.

Have a less used items space

Earlier we have mentioned that you should have items that you do not use regularly removed from the kitchen countertop. Instead of putting them in the attic or cupboard, you could have a not regularly used space in your kitchen.

However, this option only works for large kitchens. It will help you organize those items that are not used regularly in their own space and also make it easy to access them when in need.

Rules to observe to prevent cluttering your kitchen countertops

  • Make sure family members are aware of where kitchen items should be placed.
  • Dirty dishes should always go to the dishwasher or sink
  • If cluttered make sure to involve the family members in the declutter process so that they understand where each and every item should be.