How to choose the right venue for your meeting

Business meeting

Hosting meetings requires a lot of consideration in order to create a productive and successful outcome.

One of the main aspects involved in successful meetings and what that requires specific attention to detail is selecting the most appropriate venue. Of course, it’s key that each individual whose attendance is required can be catered for, so it’s important to consider everything from ease of commuting and dietary required. It is best to choose a venue where you have options, such as the wide range of meetings at The Grand, York, as you’ll be more likely to find a suitable space.


When deciding the venue, one of the key factors to consider is the location. There is little use in choosing a location that is far afield for the majority of attendees as the negatives surrounding difficult commutes could result in a less than productive meeting. Choosing a venue that has strong public transport links as well as close proximity to car parks allows additional options for anyone who should be arriving by train, bus or car. Never rule out outdoor space when considering your options, as outdoor areas can be fantastic for brainstorming in the warmer months.


When arranging a meeting, it is best to narrow down your search by stabilising a budget. Don’t run the risk of overspend by being tempted by more expensive venues that are out of your remit, but similarly avoid choosing the cheapest option available if possible as this could compromise on both the services and facilities. Be sure to agree on a contract pre-meeting to avoid any hidden fees.

Facilities and Services

When researching meeting room venues, package deals are often available that allow you to select which options  best suit your needs and what you require for the duration of the meeting. Usually the necessities for any meeting involve access to Wi-Fi, plasma screens, drinks, treats and even meals if needed. However, in some cases if some attendees are travelling from afar then accommodation must also be considered, so it is best to check whether the venue you’re choosing offers catering or if there’s a hotel nearby that they can book into.


The last thing you want when arranging a meeting is for the space to be too cramped, especially if you’re intending on inhabiting the space for the duration of the day. The space within a meeting room  needs to suit the amount of people attending as well as comfortably including all the facilities you require. It is best to choose a venue where you have options, such as the wide range of meeting rooms in York at The Grand, as you’ll be more likely to find a suitable space.


When selecting a venue, ensure that the place itself suits your brand image. If you work for a corporate business, then the venue you choose should reflect this to ensure you maintain the same level of professionalism. Another important aspect to consider is the space should also suit your target audience so that they feel at ease at all times and not uncomfortable.