How to choose the right clinic for hair transplant

Hair Transplant

Choosing right clinic for hair transplant operation – Criterias to choose right hair clinic

Hair transplant operation is in trends recent years. People who have not yet had a hair transplant generally simplify this issue. However, it is important to make the right choice. We should get more detailed information about this image, which will appear every day for life.

Many scammers who try to do this operation are unfortunately located on the internet. We are talking about people who make themselves look like doctors. These persons are absolutely not authorized to realize this important operation. On the other hand, some unauthorized persons work as auxiliary personnel under doctor control and responsibility. This situation causes huge problems. We will talk about hair treatment and hair transplant in Turkey in our article.

Here the points that you need to check before a hair transplant operation:

How to choose a hair transplant clinic?

Know who is your doctor : How to choose the right clinic for hair transplant operation?

Do you have the information of your doctor? The doctor should be a surgeon. Do you know who will realize your hair operation? You should check these details on the web site of clinic. You should be sure that the graduation documents and information about doctor have to be located in the web site of clinic. If there is no information, stay away of this clinic. You should definitely understand that you have right to know these details. Because this operation will affect your out looking along your life.

In addition, find out at what stages the doctor who will enter your procedure will complete the procedure. And how many patients clinic takes in a day. Do not forget that hair transplantation operation is a long process (2-5 hours). Examination, planning, hairline and operation takes nearly 4-6 hours. That mean’s your doctor can take only 2 patients for a day. This information is important.

How do I choose a hair transplant clinic in Turkey?

Research the clinic where the hair transplant operation will be performed

On the other hand, clinic should be approved by the Ministry of Health in Turkey.

First, find out the address of the place where the transaction will be made. If places such as apartments, residences, villas are given at the address, ask for the permits issued by the ministry of health for these addresses. If the clinic does not meet these conditions and has not received permissions, that means you are in danger.

Especially when there is a problem in such a surgical procedure, it is important that persons who can manage the emergency situation are at the clinic. All emergency procedures should be organized in a professional manner.

How to choose a secure hair clinic for hair transplant?

Ask the details of your specific planning

In addition, a correct treatment plan must be provided to you. Make sure you are informed about this. Make sure you learn the following points:

  • How many grafts will be taken according to the state of donor capacity?
  • How many grafts will be transplanted to frontal area, hairline, middle hair area and top.
  • The doctor plannings about the amount to be planted per cm2 and presenting this data to you. Thus, with a little calculation and research, you can imagine the hairy appearance of your head.
  • In addition, if the hair transplant clinic asks question about your disease history, health condition and medications you use, this may show you that you are in true clinic.

These details will help you to understand how much importance the clinic attaches to hair transplantation process.

Before you buy the hair transplant service, you should also check the points below:

  • Which hair transplant method to be used?
  • Before and after photos of patients
  • Clinic reviews, complaints and amount of followers in social media page of clinic
  • Continuous trainings received by the doctor
  • Details of operation
  • Pre and post-operative medications
  • Informing about health risk
  • Free hair transplantation right again in case of failure

We wish you health days.