How to Choose the Best Triple Monitor Setup on Black Friday

A triple monitor setup can also be called a laptop screen extender since that is what it does. Designed solely to duplicate, or in this case, give two extra screens

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The great thing about shopping is the variety of options you’ll always see. But everyone knows Black Friday is not just about variety but about those varieties’ incredible, unbelievable prices. That’s what makes it even harder to make a choice. You can base your choice on a typical day on budget and price. But on Black Friday, where almost everything is on sale, knowing which item to go for can be a real challenge.

To top it all, it gets even more complicated with triple monitor setup screens. Regarding these devices, you can’t just think about cost (or lack of it). You must also consider quality, compatibility, and many other factors to make it the best. It’d be easy to tell you that the Mobile Pixels Trio laptop monitor extender from  is the best choice for you, but you need to know that yourself, hence this article. If you keep reading, you’ll learn to identify the best triple monitor setup for your needs.

Why should you even bother about a laptop screen extender?

A triple monitor setup can also be called a laptop screen extender since that is what it does. Designed solely to duplicate, or in this case, give two extra screens, the adhesive is not made with a keyboard or other parts — just screens. Both as simple as they appear, they perform multiple tasks and provide many benefits for their users. Some of them include the following:

Extenders give you more screen space for better productivity.

Whether it’s the elimination of frequent tab switching or the chance to do more in less time, it’s always beneficial to have an extra screen. The great news is that there is no limit to who would benefit from this ability. Whether you are a student, a coder, a creative, or even a mom, you’ll always need to do two or three simultaneous things. The three screens will help you achieve that with speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Makes collaboration easy

If you’re a laptop user who consistently engages in teamwork, group meetings, conferences, or client presentations, this is the best tool for you. With the multiple screens, you can position one or two of them to face your team members or clients while you duplicate or sync your screen.

Even moms can have a blast.

Have you ever felt trapped with the need to watch do your work while keeping something on for your kid? With multiple screens, you can turn on the kiddies’ channel on an online streaming platform and turn that screen all 180 degrees away from you while you work. Not only will you be able to get proper work done, but your kids will also be very occupied enough to disturb you. It’s a win-win.

How to choose the best laptop monitor extender setup?

As mentioned earlier, there are tons of brands and options out there, but you need to be able to select the best one while taking advantage of the awesome Black Friday deals. Here are the things to look out for before picking a laptop screen extender:


Even if all the laptop extenders look shiny, not all of them are compatible with your laptop.

  • Know the name and version of your laptop.
  • Also, take note of your operating system and its version.
  • Check if the extender is compatible with your laptop and operating system specifications.


The second thing to look out for is connectivity. If your laptop does not have a Type C USB port, purchasing an extender that uses such a cable would be a waste. There are different types of connectivity cables and ports.

  • Familiarize yourself with them.
  • Know the difference between each one.
  • Be able to identify them by their appearances.
  • Check what ports your laptop supports and look for extenders that have those cables.

Rotational properties

Not all extenders can turn 180 degrees to the back but it would be great to have those that do (especially for presentations).

  • Check the properties of the extender for rotational features.
  • Scan through the photos to see if it can rotate.

Adhesive properties

Similarly, not all extenders have a sturdy adhesive. Having your extender fall off your laptop at will would be disastrous. Different laptop monitor extenders have other attachment methods, but most come as backpacks.

  • Research for reviews on the adhesive
  • Preferably, look for extenders with clips or stands.

Extra features

These are some of the extra perks you could look out for. Finding an extender with all these features is challenging, but it’s not impossible. The additional perks include:

  • Any built-in element
  • Cable management properties (the fewer the cables, the better)
  • Easy setup
  • Portability and lightweight.

Luckily, the Mobile Pixels trio extender has all of these and more. On top of it all, you get up to 50% off, with no code needed, if you can place your order this season. Isn’t that an actual jackpot win? So hurry and get your extender for half the price of one!