How to build a culture at your organisation & make it sustainable

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What kind of culture your company creates determines how everyone perceives you in the market. In a way, it makes all the difference and can take your business from zero to one in quick succession.

If you’ve not already built a strong culture at your workplace, it’s never too late to start. Creating the right culture will take your business to new heights in the coming years, but how do you do it?

Engage Employees so They Trust in Your Vision

You likely have a vision about your company and want to build a culture that will last forever. However, you should understand that it’s one thing to want to do something and quite another to get others to believe in it. This is where your people management and leadership skills come into play.

Learn to shape your employees’ thoughts and make them trust your vision. Empower them to own the culture by giving them opportunities to contribute and watch it thrive along the way.

Adopt a One Company, One Culture Approach

No matter if you have 10, 100 or 1,000 employees, unless there is a strong sense of unity and your employees consider themselves an integral part of the organisation, it’s almost next to impossible to build a healthy work culture. One of the first steps to forge ahead in this direction is to give them uniforms with a company logo on them.

There is no hard and fast rule that these uniforms need to be formal. You can keep them casual and classy, as long as they are branded with your company logo. Wearing these uniforms will give them a sense of inclusion and can result in better productivity. As long as you don’t alienate your employees with negative practices, they’ll wear their uniform with pride and want to represent your business, whether they’re working in the factory, the office or out in the field.

Job Satisfaction Is the Key to Great Results

You cannot just expect employees to put their faith in your vision unless they feel cared for, valued and secured. The only way to do this is to make sure that they are satisfied with their roles and responsibilities, as well as the compensation they are paid for their work — don’t just think about financial reward here but also how much recognition they receive for the work they do. The key is to not only think over the long term but also to stay present to ensure your staff are enjoying their roles now.

Care, Communicate and Collaborate

The care, communicate and collaborate — or CCC — formula works well for any organisation, regardless of their headcount, location and market capitalisation. If you make your employees feel cared for, establish proper and effective communication channels, give them adequate opportunities to collaborate on projects that challenge their capabilities, and allow them to grow them professionally, you’ll help create a great company culture.

The organisations that see the most success from this employ people from all walks of life — with individuals of different generations, genders and nationalities working as part of the same team, and give them equal opportunities in terms of expressing their views and putting their ideas on the table. Over time, this builds a strong work culture based on teamwork, respect and inclusivity.

All in all, if you wish to build a strong work culture at your organisation, don’t shy away from walking the extra mile. The tips mentioned above will pave your way to move ahead and counter any preventable issues that could thwart the culture you’ve worked so hard to build.

About the Author:
Glen Smith has been handling corporate branding and company clothing at WISE Worksafe for over 15 years. He has a passion for making brands stand out from the crowd and helping organisations provide their employees with the perfect uniform.