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Web Development is one of the most searched after innovation abilities in the IT business today.

The explanation is the prevalence of the web and the ever-expanding number of individuals utilizing the web for their day by day undertakings and amusement.

Being a worthwhile business, ‘how to turn into a web engineer’ is a searched after inquiry among the young. Pretty much every business or association today has a site which shapes their face to the world – clients, and examples the same. Thus web designers are entrusted with the exceptionally business-significant assignment of building and keeping up these sites. So right away, we should jump into this “How to Become a Web Developer?” article and answer the inquiry for the last time.

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Introduction to Web Development

Web development is the process of building internet-based websites and applications. Web development doesn’t necessarily involve designing a website; but comprises the coding and programming that powers its functionality.

Web Development can be broadly divided into three layers:

  • Frontend – Client-side coding
  • Backend – Server-side coding
  • Storage – Database technology

Who Is a Web Developer?

Now that we’ve understood what Web Development is, let’s learn who a web developer is. The role of the web developer is to build and maintain websites.

A web developer is one who:

  • Builds and maintains websites and other web applications.
  • Takes a web design created by either a client or a design team, and turns it into a website.
  • Collaborates with clients, stakeholders, and designers to understand the vision.
  • Specializes in either frontend or backend, or even both if he or she is a full-stack developer.

Types of Web Developers

There are mainly three types of web developers:

  • Frontend developers who build and maintain the client-side of a web application.
  • Backend developers who work behind the scenes and manage the services of a web application.
  • Full Stack developers manage the project workflow and work on the required features of a web application.

Web Developer Skillset

Web developers have a wide range of skills to learn, but it all depends on their roles. Let’s go through some of the essential skills of a web developer.

Here are some of the skills that a frontend developer must have:

  • HTML – A mark-up language for building web page layouts
  • CSS – Stylesheet for styling HTML elements in a website
  • JavaScript – Scripting language for bringing web applications to life by making them more interactive and responsive
  • Frontend Frameworks – Frameworks like React, Angular, Vie help in making the client-side of applications look better and speed up the development

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