How the Gaming Industry is Taking Things Up Another Gear This Year

Online gaming

The gaming industry is seeing a level of growth it’s ever seen before, thanks to those software developers who are investing more time and energy to develop quality games, along with the hardware manufacturers who are pushing their talents to the limit.

Since the very first video game- Pong- was introduced, programmers have been expanding their horizons in a bid to produce higher-quality games. Since Pong, computer systems have made vast improvements in the form of realistic graphics, and just generally making more engaging games.

The gaming industry is succeeding in its various niches, including console games like Fortnite, esports titles such as Overwatch, and online casino games like those available at CasinoWings. Here are just some of the ways in which the industry is continuing to improve in 2021.


We’re seeing more diversity in video games over the past few years. The trend continues to grow, as game developers include more diverse characters in their stories. One example of an inclusive game today is The Sims 4, which is regarded as being among the industry’s more inclusive titles, as it gives players the opportunity to create an avatar with various skin colours, along with other features to choose from. Other games are also letting players customise their characters, and the community seems to love it. This trend will continue in line with the world’s increasing acceptance of different preferences and cultures.

Feeling First Design

Here’s another new trend that we’re seeing in the gaming industry. And developers are quickly grasping the mechanics. Feeling -First design allows developers to incorporate design elements for the purpose of invoking a particular emotion. It could mean an approach such as correct colour combinations that would make the game more enjoyable and engaging.

Apple TV

Apple TV demonstrates the media giant’s intention to enter the gaming industry. Apple is collaborating with game developers to include games on the platform. Apple TV has some way to go to compete with the likes of Nintendo Switch, XBOX, and PlayStation. Of course, it’s Apple, so you can bet that they’ll be trying their best to compete. This one’s worth keeping an eye on, because at this stage, it’s hard to say whether it will work out or not. As Apple are always working on new technology, it’s of no surprise that they’re entering the gaming market.

Independent Developers

Indie games published by indie studios are increasing in popularity. Indie developers are teaming up with some of the industry’s biggest names to give life to their creations. It’s an intelligent way of promoting the creative talents of everyone who contributed to the project, and we’re seeing public interest continuing to grow.


Another trend having an impact upon the gaming industry is streaming. Video game streaming enables players with a device and Internet connection to find games they can play remotely. Streaming involves a data centre that renders the action for players. This would see gaming become even more portable, and many gaming firms believe it will have a big impact on the gaming world. That’s why companies like Sony, Microsoft, and Nvidia are spending on this while monitoring how it might be accepted by the public.

Wrap Up

We’re seeing new technological advancements every year in an industry that continues to change rapidly. Household brands such as Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft benefit from the increasing volume of people who are becoming interested in gaming. As long as developers continue to work hard and meet the expectations of gamers, the industry will continue to evolve throughout 2021 and beyond.