How outdoor living spaces can save you money

GBC Group - How outdoor living spaces can save you money

In most instances, having an opportunity to save money is at the forefront of people’s minds. With utility bills increasing by the year and the cost of surviving and enjoying a social life certainly not getting any cheaper, it comes as no surprise that the Office for National Statistics recently stated that between 2006 to 2018, living costs have increased 2.4% a year for all households. UK’s premier retailer of quality garden and leisure buildings, GBC Group’s latest studies can be used to support money saving more long-term, as they suggest that investing in an outdoor building can actually help to save you money in the long run.

Outdoor living spaces are certainly an investment initially but from a long-term perspective they can save you a substantial amount of money from just day to day needs. Since 2007 the sales of summer houses at GBC Group have increased by 115% and since uPVC summer houses started retailing back in 2016 they now account for 21.5% of the business’ sales, as consumers are realising that outdoor living spaces are the answer.

How can outdoor living spaces cut costs?

Cheaper than upsizing

When a homeowner outgrows their home, it’s not always easy to simply purchase a house that is not only larger, but still has everything that the current home already provides. If the urgent reason for moving is purely down to space, the option to purchase a summerhouse to provide additional living areas is much more cost effective.  Not only does investing in a summer house have the ability to increase the value of your home, it also provides the option to avoid additional costs associated with moving, such as solicitor fees, removal vehicle hires and an increase in mortgage repayments

Save on office rent

With demand for UK office space on the rise, business owners are looking at ways to avoid the hidden costs of traditional leased office space. The cost of renting flexible office centres across the UK has increased by 10% according to UK Market Summary of 2018,with working from home becoming increasingly more common due to the diverse benefits it creates. Having an office in your garden could be an ideal option as this would allow you to save on both the time and cost associated with commuting, as well as deflecting the surcharges that come with renting an office.

Increase home value

Having an outdoor building, although an initial investment, can see you adding at least 5% to your property value, dependent on variables such as location, size and style. Outdoor buildings not only grant you the extra space required but also provide the additional benefit of not being connected to your home, allowing for less potential problems than if an extension or conservatory was to be built.

Keeping warm

With Britain’s aim to reduce the amount of electric energy used per household year on year, it’s important to note that when energy is being wasted so is your money. The heating system you have in your home can dictate how much you spend on keeping your house warm over the winter months. Some heating systems don’t allow you to control the temperature of each specific room which can result in energy being atrophied, not only is this not environmentally friendly but it is also causing you to pay more. By having an outdoor living space, you’ll find that heating just the one room throughout the day will be much more cost effective than heating the entire house. 

Affordable social life

Reports show that the average brit can spend several thousands of pounds a year on their social life, meals out, attending weekly clubs or even paying for a monthly gym membership, which once totalled up, comes at a high expense. Without having to reduce the amount of times you socialise, look to utilise your outdoor building by creating the perfect social space for garden parties, a home gym or even gatherings such as book clubs. This activity could well result in you saving substantial amounts of money longer term, as you purchasing your own food and drink is almost always cheaper than going out to a restaurant and once the gym equipment has been invested in, there will be very little additional cost.

Having an outdoor living space in your garden, when being mindful, can really help to cut back on costs within your daily lives. By making small adjustments and using your own space rather than paying to go elsewhere, you should save noticeable amounts of money ‘here and there’ as well as earning an abundance of your precious time back.