How makeup can improve your mental health

makeup and mental health

It may sound baffling that makeup improves your mental health, but hundreds of people agree that they notice an air of positivity in them, thanks to makeup.

To some, skincare and makeup obsessions are superficial. However, beauty is not just about product-hunting and shopping of beauty products.

Yes, your looks can indeed make you feel good, but following a specific beauty routine also becomes a fun way of self-expression that leads to mental happiness, helping you deal with tough times with your mental health.

Makeup and mental health

A body image expert sheds light on the fact that people find meaning in makeup and their beauty routines. For example, a bold lip color signifies your boldness or powerfulness with your words or thoughts. Or maybe using a concealer represents that you feel more about concealing yourself and be more mindful about others.

Veteran makeup artist, Sadaf Torabi also said that becoming a makeup artist was her lifelong dream. However, she had to study mathematics in high school and take up civil engineering in her majors. She even pursued a career in civil engineering for a time. But she was never happy in that field. She always wanted to do something with makeup. Not that she went into depression because of her job, but her happiness was elsewhere. And that was makeup.

While working as a civil engineer, she started attending various makeup training courses. She also started writing beauty blogs. Soon, she became well-versed with the nuances of makeup techniques. Her blogs became more popular as more viewers started sharing her blogs. Apart from blogs, she also started posting makeup tutorials on her Instagram profile. This led to massive popularity. Sadaf fast became a social media influencer because of her huge fan base.

In one of her interviews, Sadaf mentioned that she is now truly happy. She left her job to become a professional makeup artist and makeup trainer. In fact, she also continues to write beauty blogs. Many of the leading beauty product brands have already connected with her to promote their brand. She is a living example of how you can transform your life from an unhappy phase to a more satisfying one through makeup.

Gaining control of your life

Many people grow up in conservative families where their parents buy clothes for them. While these people wish to wear clothes they like, the dominance of their parents deters them from doing so. This keeps them unsatisfied for years. The same people reported that when they started earning, they bought clothes and makeup they liked. They became very particular about how they looked to while going out. This gave them immense joy. It was like lifting a burden off their shoulder.

The same people mentioned that it was the freedom from the conservativeness and gaining control of their life that made them happier. And they unanimously agreed that it was the advent of makeup in their lives that brought this change.

Therefore, if you feel the same way, try to break those barriers that control your life. Live life the way you want. That’s what will keep you happier.