How Google Assistant-enabled Apps can make our life easier


Nowadays, there seems to be an app for everything we may want to do — reasonable or as weird as it gets.

However, one of the most important things for mobile users is having instant access to relevant information and automation.

And, this is where the power of voice-based software tools come in. Personal assistants like Alexa (from Amazon), Siri (from Apple), Bixby (from Samsung), and Google Assistant (GA) have proved to be immensely popular. The massive adoption they have seen is mainly explained by the ever-increasing breadth and depth of what they can do for their users.

From the technological standpoint, much of the progress is facilitated greatly by the advancements of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in areas such as machine learning, neural networks, and machine vision.

Today, by using AI-powered digital assistants, we can do a litany of things using just our voice. In this article, we’ll look at a number of ways in which Google Assistant-integrated apps can help you.

Information retrieval

Google is primarily known for its search engine which powers more than 90% of the entire search volume done on the Web. This makes it an essential tool for the ordinary Internet user looking for information online. We always want to get the most accurate results as fast as possible regardless of the devices (from tablets and laptops to smartwatches and smart TVs).

This particular importance of Google Search explains why it’s become one of the most important apps on any mobile device. In fact, it comes baked in with practically all stock Android devices. Even for other Android-based gadgets, it is a tool expected by most users to be included out-of-the-box. Similarly, it makes good sense for Google to have its personal assistant be integrated with Google search.

With that integration, you can search for whatever info you need using voice commands — GA will return the web results on Google Search for you.

If, for instance, you just want to find something out about your favorite celebrity, you can simply mention their name after saying the voice prompt “OK, Google.” As you do that, the spoken words will be automatically written out in text form as understood by the system. Following that, the name of the mentioned celebrity will be shown as a web-based Google search result. 

As for college students looking to buy papers or custom dissertation help, Google Assistant can help ease the search process as well. Rather than spend time thinking about how to get help with their essays and papers, they can simply whip up their phone and ask the assistant.

Email and Messaging

When it comes to business and productivity, being in touch is always important for the working class. Google Assistant-enabled apps can help simplify your repetitive tasks. Instead of manually setting appointments or sending messages to a colleague or a business client, you can simply use voice commands to get all that done. But, it doesn’t end at setting appointments or messaging — getting updates and reminders about the meetings and activities you have lined up are also part of the functionalities of Google Assistant.

Driving and Navigation

One of the most illustrative use cases of Google Assistant is when you are driving or trying to get directions. At the wheel, people generally need to stay focused on the road. Any attempts to text, call, or browse apps on your smartphone are always a risky thing to do.

However, with Google Assistant, you can keep your hands on the steering wheel and use your voice to call, send text messages, and do many other things you couldn’t do safely while driving.

You can use voice to find the address of a specific institution in the city or find the nearest hospital, bar, gym, massage parlor, barber’s salon, and so on. Apps that are designed to help users find such places can even do so faster with Google Assistant integration. A few examples include Google Maps and Android Auto app.

That means you can enjoy the benefits that come with the tool right from within the app. For example, if you use an application that connects you to gyms and fitness clubs, you can use Google Assistant to find the nearest location of the gyms and also the direction you need to take.