How Entrepreneur Alloysius ‘AJ’ Lloyd Makes a Difference with Regenerative Development

Regenerative development: a step forward in sustainability that simultaneously aids the earth’s environment, while setting the stage for society’s improvement and future prosperity.

Though a novel practice unbeknownst to many, the potential positive effects from the implementation of regenerative development into mainstream culture has led many modern thought leaders to adopt the practice into their own private and professional choices. One such individual taking the regenerative development movement is Alloysius ‘AJ’ Lloyd, whose innovative forays into the sector with his business Kiji Ventures have made waves across the world.

With a keen-eye peeled on the future, Lloyd has made it his personal mission to contribute to societal improvement across all angles, deftly blending and merging genres from art, technology, environmental preservation and finance into a unique and all-encompassing package. Lloyd likewise brings this same energy into the intersection of class and race, looking to deftly provide opportunities to those in positions less-fortunate through his buzzy ‘exposureships,’ while perennially ready to learn from industry heavyweights across the financial, creative, and philanthropic fields.

With his adaptable and visionary approach, Lloyd has managed to facilitate a far-reaching network of the top minds of today, a title likewise befitting to bestow on Lloyd himself. By taking on some of the most intriguing and groundbreaking projects of today, the businessman looks to push the boundaries of modern entrepreneurship into revolutionary territory, looking to both make a difference and motivate others to strive for excellence.

Thus so far in his young life, Lloyd has not only made an impact in his own community but across the international scene, leading by example on how to utilize regenerative development for good and, oh-so-importantly, being the very change you wish to see in the world.