How e-retailers are dealing with the increasing need for speed?


Selling products online can only be made successful if you are using correct marketing strategies and provide advantages to customers over your competitors.

Although e commerce giants such as Amazon should never be targeted because of their vast infrastructure and strong market presence, companies and brands can still implement the most effective tips and strategies to boost their sales online.

As a matter of fact, customers choose an ecommerce platform because of its authenticity and reliable operations. There are infinite options available for customers online for each specific item and companies need to maintain their standards in order to ensure a stronger online presence.

What is e retailing all about?

With the latest advancements in technology, shopping trends have now changed as people tend to purchase the required products with the comfort of their home online instead of going to the marketplaces physically. This all has been made possible with the introduction of E-Commerce websites where sellers can create online stores and purchasers easily get them delivered at their door step.

E-commerce competition

With thousands of online stores to compete from, new brands and companies need to carefully create E-retailing platforms in order to attract potential buyers. Performing in depth research beforehand can prove to be a great idea because you can get to know the best practices suitable for your business. Moreover, you need to avoid bad ideas and practices that will stop you from capturing the market place.

Most of the small businesses are using the support of internet to sell their products which enables e-commerce industry to grow further. However, companies need to make sure their transactions are secure and safe for which it is compulsory that they thoroughly check each customer’s identity and other vital information as well.

Role of speed in your E-commerce business

Internet users expect instant processing and operation when it comes to online shopping. In case your online store is slow or does not process orders quickly, you are at the edge of losing customers for your business.

There are certain factors that need to be focused on while setting up an E-commerce platform in order to avoid any problems in future. According to a survey, almost half of the online consumers expect the web pages to load in an instant of seconds or less for which you need to select the best suitable hosting service.

An E-retailing store generally takes over a year to grow and you need to be ready to make changes whenever required. Scalability plays a vital role in boosting sales and profit ratio for any online store. Moreover, solutions such as ERP systems, CRM, warehouse management or accounting management can also be considered to deal with the increasing competition.

Make online shopping convenient

Giving people the chance to get your products conveniently over the internet is a vital component to increase your sales at first. Especially when you are targeting the established E-commerce platforms, you need to offer an easily accessible user interface for which Product Management Information (PIM) Systems can be implemented.

The biggest issue being faced by E-retailing websites today is shopping cart abandonment. Customers hesitate from using complex check out process and companies have to deal with huge losses due to cart abandonment. To make things easier, you can redesign your shopping cart and make sure there is no unnecessary form filling process so that customers can complete their shopping without any hassle.

In Memory computing and eCommerce

E-retailing websites can receive rapid improvements in scalability and speed with the implementation of in-memory computing process. As it offers scalability for different analytical and transactional processes, in-memory computing also delivers high availability and boosts site speed as well. Online sellers can take advantage of content personalization, real-time personalization, real-time analytics user-session tracking across a variety of platforms.

Talking about the benefits of In-memory computing for E-commerce platforms, marketing organizations can utilize the facility for fraud detection and market surveillance as well. Moreover, in-memory computing delivers better supply chain visibility for the manufacturing companies along with instant access to the status of orders, deliveries, products and suppliers.

Best benefits for online retailers

In-memory computing technology enables E-commerce retailers to easily scale multiple terabytes of heterogeneous data and accelerate application performance as well. Using real time data flows to and from any device will allow companies to sort, analyze and collect data faster than any other available solution.

Furthermore, In-memory computing can be used as a best solution for E-commerce businesses to deal with speed and performance for all kinds of online processes or transactions.

Generally, financial firms and organizations use in-memory computing for real time fraud detection and market surveillance. As this technology has the capability to give E-commerce stores the speed, they need to compete in market places worldwide, it also provides improved supply chain visibility.

Provide better incentives and service

Although we have discussed the best ways to improve processing speed and performance of E-commerce stores, there are some external factors which must be considered to improve your online sales. Activities such as incentive programs allow companies to attract potential buyers and create a strong market presence as well.

As it is more like a value exchange game, brands must also pay attention to their competitors and overview the incentives they are providing to their customers.

Lastly, most of the e-retailing businesses are beating their competitors by offering better quality and original products. You need to promote your services, focus on quality and provide reliable delivery solutions for each of the orders placed at your online store. E-commerce competition is intense and you must have the passion to survive within tough competition and established online stores.


Due to the latest advancements in technology, brands and companies have now settled their businesses online through E-Commerce websites. With the presence of thousands of online stores, newly established brands need to follow the correct strategies and tactics to capture the online market place.

This is only possible if the company focuses on providing its customers value, quality and reliable services. Your time is absolutely worth money for which you have to improve the speed, performance and scalability of your E-commerce platform.