How diversity & Inclusion speakers can impact your business

Workplaces that embed diversity and inclusion practices can become happier, more equitable and more productive places.

Employers who value diversity and inclusion gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. Diversity and inclusion are essential for contemporary businesses. To be better informed when it comes to the diversity agenda it can be helpful to have outside input and perspective.

A Diversity & Inclusion Speaker can explain, answer questions and make personal the importance of diversity and inclusion to your business.

What is a Diversity & Inclusion Speaker?

Diversity and inclusion speakers are the human faces of the diversity and inclusion agenda. By combining personal anecdotes, with data and advice they seek to educate, inspire and inform their audience. They can help shape the company’s diversity and inclusion policy while strengthening understanding and support for those policies in the workplace.

The Benefits of Hiring a Diversity & Inclusion Speaker

Diversity speakers for business can deliver a range of benefits for companies. Let’s take a look at some of these in more detail:

Promote understanding of different perspectives

A diversity speaker can make it easier to understand the different ways in which people experience the workplace. It can bring to the fore little-understood perspectives, and help people gain new insights. It can make tangible what might have seemed like a theoretical issue by putting it in easy-to-understand terms. Every speaker will have a different perspective and this individual insight can be invaluable.

Increase employee understanding and productivity

The diversity and inclusion policy of the company may feel like something of a box-ticking exercise that employees carry out with little real engagement. However, diversity speakers for companies help to shape understanding among employees, helping them feel more committed to diversity and inclusion. By inspiring employees it can prompt greater productivity.

Create a welcoming environment for employees and visitors alike

The goal of diversity and inclusion is to break down barriers, while shaping a more welcoming environment within your company. Diversity and inclusion speakers can help support and shape that agenda, helping to create a more positive, inclusive and ultimately welcoming environment. This aids productivity, improves the company image and creates a more cohesive and supportive work environment.

Enhance your company’s brand image and attract new talent

A company that is seen to be investing in diversity and inclusion is likely to improve its brand image. By implementing the right policies and shaping a proactive inclusion culture across the workplace, a company becomes more attractive. Inclusion is of increasing importance to employees and companies that take it seriously are likely to be more attractive to new talent.

Provide access to a wealth of knowledge on the topic from professional speakers

Not even the largest companies will contain the necessary depth of knowledge and experience that cover the entirety of modern working life. In many cases, it’s necessary to bring in professionals, and people with particular expertise and experience to provide insight. Speakers can play a key role in deepening the understanding and knowledge that a company has. Inclusion speakers will all share a deep knowledge of the diversity and inclusion agenda but each individual will come with a different perspective and experience. Expert insights are important when it comes to providing context and support.

How to Find the Right Diversity & Inclusion Speakers for Your Company

The idea of diversity, inclusion and equality has never been more important. Diversity and inclusion are increasingly recognised as something that can benefit businesses and other organisations going forward. It provides economic and social benefits, helping to create happier and more productive workplace environments.

Getting it right can be challenging. That’s why it’s important to hear from a diverse range of voices and perspectives. Hearing the stories of men and women from different backgrounds, who can provide perspective and advice help companies dismantle structural barriers and deepen inclusion.

Finding the right speaker for you doesn’t have to be difficult. Experienced speakers bureaus such as Speakers Corner work with some of the leading diversity, equality and inclusion speakers, all of whom can challenge and inspire. They work with over 8,000 speakers, so they can find the right inclusion speaker for your company.