How big is the market for children’s clothing?

Childs clothing

Clothing is one of the most important items parents buy their children. It is not a surprise to know that the clothing market is huge. From newborn to toddler clothing, all the way to boys’ and girls’ garments.

In the US alone, the children’s apparel segment gross earning for 2020 was about $325.9 Billion. It is expected to grow annually by 6.96%. In 2021 it has already surpassed the previous year by 2%. It is a reality to state that the children’s clothing market is not only massive but expanding.

Children grow fast, newborns only stay as such for 3 months. Then the growth spurt continues steadily. Toddler boys and toddler girls have a whole segment of the clothing industry. As the children grow older, the gender-based designs become more obvious, and so the branches of apparel are bigger.

How much does it cost to raise a child yearly?

The average spend on a child yearly is about $17,000, and the majority of that spend is targeted to the garment industry. The children’s market segment that gets the biggest sales is toddler clothing.

In 2020 the adult fashion industry gross revenue was almost at the same level as the earning of the children’s garment segment. Considering that there are more high-end luxury items belonging to these sales, it’s an incredible achievement.

The main reason for the high income related to the children’s garment industry could be related to the segmentation of it. Parents like to have many options to dress their children in, and kids change sizes quite fast. Newborns, Babies, Toddlers, Boys, and Girls. Basically, each year parents must buy a whole new wardrobe for their kids. This includes accessories, like socks, hats, and shoes.

How to save money and keep your children’s clothed

The kid’s garment market grows, but parent’s pockets get emptier. Is there a way for parents to reduce that average of $17,000 a year? Truth is hard, but not impossible. Not everyone wants to live minimalist, but at least for your children’s clothing that is a great approach to take.

Toddler clothing, children’s clothing in general can be expensive. However, you don’t need to buy it at a high price. Your little ones won’t wear those items for a long time. The best approach is to get them what is strictly necessary and at the lowest price possible. Once they grow into their teens, you can spend more money on their garments as they will last longer.

So whether it’s newborns, toddler clothing, or clothing for older kids, spent as little as possible, rest assured you will be buying more items soon enough.

The Bottom Line

Toddler’s clothing market is growing every year, leaving us with tons of options to pick from. Keep in mind that children grow out of clothes quickly, so buy only what you need in each as you don’t need to spend a fortune to fill up your children’s wardrobe.