How 3D Printing Serves As Your Business Edge

How 3D Printing Serves As Your Business Edge

Turning resin, plastic filaments and powder-bed technologies into pieces of tangible objects is a technological innovation now known as 3D printing. It’s a procedure of forming a concept or idea into something physical that could even function. This creative and fascinating manufacturing process found its way into homes, schools and well-known companies. As such, entrepreneurs worldwide are now incorporating the art of 3D printing into their daily work to improve their businesses. (5)

A 3D printer is a considerable investment that could get your brand the upper hand against competitors who don’t have one yet. But how does a business benefit from having it in its possession? Here are a few ways a 3D printing service can give you an edge in a saturated market:

1. Speedy prototype development

With 3D printing, you get the power to create and develop prototypes of new products whenever you want. Even without your own printer, 3D printing services can help you get a feel for how it works. Just provide them with your designs, and they’ll do the job for you. They’ll deliver your design in tangible 3D models for you to test out in a few days. (1)(3)(4)

The process is perfect for start-ups and established businesses that want to create a few prototypes or produce a large volume of products. In fact, 3D printing gives you a preview of the final product’s appearance before it’s actualised. In case of mistakes during production, you can fix them quickly by altering your design, inputting it into the software, and printing out the figure again. So, you save time and money on making prototype parts for a product still in development. (3)(4)

2. Less workforce and equipment

Because 3D printers are generally computer-controlled, there’s no need for hiring an extra pair of hands. However, industrial models may require an experienced technician to handle the job. Despite that, you might only need to delegate one 3D printing operator per printer. Compare that to hiring multiple people for a production line. (2)(3)(4)

Unlike keeping and handling a full-fledged manufacturing plant, having a 3D printer in your company will save you thousands of pounds in equipment and human resources. But if you wish to produce multiple products simultaneously, an industrial-sized printer might be appropriate. These bigger ones can be as tall as an adult male. However, they’re compact enough to fit in one room devoted to 3D printing. So, you can skip renting a separate office or a commercial lot dedicated to creating your products. Thus, you save more money. (2)(3)(4)

3. Efficiency and simplicity

Many businesses dread even the most minute mistakes during production. Some have to halt several operations completely to remedy a minor issue or cease the creation of faulty items. With a 3D printer, you can quickly and easily create as many products that strictly conform to your intended design. The production chain simplifies too. As long as you avoid these common 3D printing mistakes, you can make products with efficiency every time. (4)

Even your existing equipment benefits from 3D printing. If a few parts go missing or get damaged, the printer can produce replacements for them. Some mechanical parts may only be available for purchase from select manufacturers, and they could take a long time to create the parts you need. You won’t have to wait forever to get replacements. You’ll need a copy of the broken or missing part’s design. Then you can repair the damage whenever and wherever you are. (1)

4. Flexibility and customisation

Having a 3D printer for your business is excellent in that you can customise your products and designs whenever you want. Often, a production plant only sticks to a standard plan. Whereas 3D printing allows you to create anything from robot parts to functioning household items and more. You can make products that suit the character of each of your customers while staying true to your brand. (2)(5)

5. Reduced maintenance costs

When you own several pieces of equipment and a full manufacturing firm, you may experience a few mishaps during production. These instances will require regular maintenance to ensure the process runs smoothly in the future. A 3D printer also has fewer parts compared with traditional production lines. If it becomes damaged, repairs won’t cost a staggering amount. (4)

Many printers available on the market are also quite affordable. With decent capital, you can invest in a high-quality one.

However, you must consider some factors before buying a 3D printer. In spite of their ease of operation, not all models are built the same nor perform uniform tasks. By understanding this, you’ll lessen the risk of constant repairs, which will result in consistent, exceptional creations. (4)


The introduction of 3D printing has started a movement wherein anyone with a creative eye and a knack for entrepreneurship can start a business of their own. These 3D printers are affordable, easy to maintain and compact enough to put in an office of any size.

Your small business can get a leg-up with one and lessen the load of making products and prototypes. After all, it’s the digital age, and your company could benefit from the work of an efficient and helpful 3D printer.


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