House price trends in Peterborough

House prices rose at their fastest pace since 2007 to reach a record high last month, according to research by Britain’s biggest mortgage lender.

Peterborough is an excellent place to live. It has a beautiful river, lovely parks, and a lot of history.

The city is known as the “City of Arts” because of its many art galleries. Many historical buildings in the city show what life was like back in the day.

The people are friendly and welcoming, which makes it easy for people to make new friends. The housing market here is very affordable, so you don’t have to worry about paying too much for a home! Here are the house price trends in Peterborough that you need to know:

Overview of Peterborough


is a city in the East Midlands of England and the county town of Cambridge shire. It has a population of 215,700 people and is known as ‘The Garden City because of its many parks and green spaces.

The city was founded in 1067 and was once home to King Canute, who ruled over England from 1016-1035. Peterborough has many historic buildings, such as the Cathedral, which dates back to Norman times; it also has many modern facilities like the Millennium Square, which was built in 2001.

The area around Peterborough has changed a lot since World War II; it used to be farmland, but now there are several new developments, including high-rise apartments, shopping malls and offices. These developments have attracted businesses from outside Peterborough into the area; for example, there are now many restaurants and shops along one main road which leads into the city centre.

According to the BBC, Peterborough has had the highest population increase in the past decade at 17.5%. This is an incredible figure showing that the city is growing faster than any other place in the UK. The benefits of this increase can be seen in the increased demand for housing, business growth, and higher tax revenues.

Current house prices in Peterborough

You’ll have to move fast if you want to buy a house in Peterborough. The average home price is £238,842, and there’s a lot of competition for limited supply.

Here’s the breakdown:

Detached homes—currently the most expensive type of home in Peterborough—are worthan average of £344,897. This means that even if you’re looking for a detached house on the outskirts of town, you’ll still have to pay at least £144,000.

Semi-detached homes are next up on our list, with an average price of £222,682. That’s still pretty pricey, considering how close they are to each other!

Flat or terraced housing is on the opposite end of town; these properties sell for an average price of £193,973. They’re still more affordable than some other types of homes in Peterborough but not by much.

House price trends in Peterborough

The Peterborough area has seen a massive increase in house prices over the last few years, and it looks like it will continue to rise. The reason for this is that a number of factors have led to this increase in prices.

Some of these factors include an increase in demand for housing, an increase in the supply of houses, and an increase in demand due to people moving away from their hometowns to find better opportunities.

If you’re looking to buy or sell your home, you should expect more competition from other buyers/sellers than you did before.

Buying a house in Peterborough

Buying a house in Peterborough can be a bit of a minefield. But if you know where to look and what you’re looking for, it’s not as complicated as it seems.

The first thing you need to do is find Peterborough property lawyers who specialise in conveyancing. They’ll be able to advise you on the different kinds of property available in Peterborough, including how much they’re worth, how long it will take to sell or buy, and much more.

Next, find out what other houses are selling for in your area by visiting websites like Zoopla or Rightmove. If any similar properties nearby have been sold recently, this could give you an idea of what kind of price range would suit your needs.

Finally, once you’ve narrowed down the type of property you want and got some idea of its going rate, get in touch with some local estate agents so they can give you details about any available properties that fit within your budget parameters. Your conveyancer will guide you through all the other steps.


Buying a house in Peterborough is a great way to get your feet wet in the real estate market, but it’s also a long-term investment. That’s why hiring an experienced conveyancing solicitor is essential to help you navigate the process as smoothly as possible.