House move in the UK? Here’s how to make it easy

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Moving into a new house is a very hectic process. It takes a lot of work and sometimes it may take more than one day depending on your preparations.

It is especially hard if you have a lot of belongings and if you are moving to a place that is far from your old location. Below are some tips that would help you make the process easier;

Choose the ideal time

Most of the time, you have no control over when you move into a new house because of the many factors involved. However, if you find yourself in a unique situation where you have the freedom to decide when you move, it would be wise if you chose a convenient day. First, make sure that your family members are available. For instance, do not move on a school day or in the middle of a school term. Doing so will make it hard for you and your kids to make the transition. Having everyone around will also help with settling in by making the workload more manageable.

It would also help if you chose a midweek or mid-month date. The reason is that at this time, the cost of moving is less because most people prefer to move during the weekends. Therefore, you will not have to pay your movers a lot of money.

Make an appointment with a removal company early

Once you have chosen the moving date, you need to book a removal company. The role of a removal company is to help you safely and efficiently move your belongings from one place to another. In this case, it would be from one home to another. Hire a removal company that has years of experience in careful packing, handling and loading of all sorts of items, including the delicate and heavy ones. A company like Shift: Man and Van Delivery will help you shift your belongings within the UK at a cheap cost.

Declutter your house

After making all the moving arrangements final, it would be wise if you decluttered your house. Decluttering is the process of getting rid of anything that is not essential. It is especially important to declutter when moving into a new home. You need to set some time aside to declutter because the process is not a walk in the park. While decluttering, you can decide on what you want to sell, donate, recycle or throw away. It will help minimize the number of belongings you need to ship into your new home hence making the process easier.

Start packing early

After decluttering, you can start organizing your belongings. Start packing the items that you do not need to use urgently like your clothes and delicate dining materials that you do not use all the time. Packing early will help you organize your items well so that you do not have to worry about doing things at the last minute. Also, packing early will help reduce the labour costs of hiring a moving or removal company. Make sure to come up with a system for packing. Label all the boxes so that you do not have a hard time unpacking and reorganizing.

Pack an overnight bag of essentials

Moving can be very hectic. The chances are that you will get too tired to unpack immediately when you get to your new house. It would, therefore, be wise if you packed an overnight bag with essentials. Some of these essentials include a change of clothes and toiletries. The point is to make sure that your essentials are easy to access so that you do not have to worry about unpacking until the next day when you have had some rest. You can also use the overnight bag to transport items like your laptop, which you do not want to risk being stolen or getting spoilt in the moving process.

Clean up your new home before starting the moving process

It would also be a very wise idea if you went by your new home and did some pre-cleaning before the day of moving. Pay keen attention to areas like the bathroom and the kitchen. During the process, you can go as far as to put up some curtains and stock the bathroom with toiletries and some clean towels because you will need to use the bathroom immediately after the shift. The point is to make the essential parts of the house usable before you get the chance to organize the rest of the house.


Other things you can do to make the moving process easier include taking photos of your fragile items so that you have proof in case they are damaged, colour coding the boxes, and using the right boxes for the right items. Using the tips mentioned above will help make the process a tad bit effortless.