Hoodies for college going boys

Hoodies have been the most favourite dressing style along with jeans for all the teenagers and youngster boys.

They always enjoy wearing hoodies in their casual routine. Vlone Hoodie has a wide variety of ranges.

The most common trend of using hoodies is among college boys. Hoodies, along with a pent of jeans, come under the category of acausal clothing. It doesn’t require any specific things like ironing. They look simple and cool. Easy and comfortable to wear.

The majority of the brands like Vlone have launched a separate section for college wearing. There are clothes which suit the best of college boys in this section. Most of them are hoodies. There are plain hoodies in fashion. The colour of hoodies has not been defined from the beginning. All colours of hoodies are liked and loved by people. Black and maroon hoodies are on the top fashion list.

Benefits of hoodies

There is a great benefit of having hoodies. You don’t need to give a separate cap for yourself. A single item, i.e., a hoodie, contains a sweatshirt and a cap. It’s a combo of both things the majority of the hoodies have. Pockets are incorporated in them. Pockets help you to keep your things in it. The second benefit of pockets is that you can keep your hands in them.

If the weather conditions outside are extreme and you feel your hands are getting frozen, you can simply put them in your pocket. This is the best way by which you can keep your hands warm. Hoodies protect you from the pressure of cool winds. It protects your head from snow and cold. Your head and feet are the two most sensitive parts of the body. If they remain uncovered during winters, you can get sick.

Hence hoodies are considered the best outfit for all the boys, especially those who are students and college-going. Besides giving a pleasant look, it has many other benefits as well. An outfit that keeps you warm and safe, along with giving your personality a cool look, is the best. This is one of the sole reasons why hoodies are that much famous among people all across the globe.

Winter season and hoodies

Hoodies are mostly used in winters. The western world remains cool throughout the year. There is a great trend of using warm clothes. People prefer to have jackets, gloves, mufflers, and hoodies. The trend and market selling rate of hoodies are highest among the western world. No doubt hoodies are on best-selling clothing lists all across the world. In the eastern countries, there is a short period of winter weather. The people there also prefer to buy hoodies for this time as well.

Association of gender with hoodies

Hoodies are used and equally liked by both genders. In the western world, there is a great trend for women not to have hoodies as well. In contrast to this, hoodies are only famous among boys in the eastern world. There is a great variety and designs of hoodies in the market. You can find a. Wide range of choices for buying hoodies.

There are slightly printed hoodies with any symbol or gesture of positivity. Some of the hoodies have printed quotes or dialogue on their front side. These kinds of message-giving hoodies are in trend.


College-going boys mostly prefer to wear simple hoodies which look cool upon them. Any heavy dressing with big prints or hard colours is not suitable for teenage boys. It gives quite a heavy look. Simple and light hoodies suit the college boys as they are in teenage. Innocent faces and light dressing always make the best combo. This is the reason why plain hoodies have the most market selling rate and ratio.