Home Garage Based Start-Up Ideas for 2021

Contrary to what you might think, starting a home garage based business itself is not that difficult.

The challenging part is finding the right idea, that would guarantee your business’s success.

You can go two ways with this – you can either come up with something completely new, that people haven’t seen yet, or you can choose something that you know works, and make your business one of the best ones among those offering such services or products.

In case you decide to go with option number two but still aren’t really sure about what exactly you want to do, here are some start-up ideas for you to try this year – and the best part? You can start them from your garage!

Garage Yoga Studio

The popularity of yoga has increased dramatically in the last decade, and it’s expected to keep growing even more. That’s why, if you’re up for creating your own business in the health and wellness sector, this is a great idea to try.

Along with accessories such as yoga mats, yoga blocks, and balls, you’ll need to fit out your garage to get the right vibe. A dark, dingy garage, smelling of spilled oil won’t result in repeat yoga students. In the daytime, you’ll want to ensure that there is plenty of natural light coming into the garage and if you are holding evening classes, then arrange some ambient lighting. You could also burn incense, ensuring that the garage is ventilated, and hang tranquil pictures or posters on the walls.

Alongside Yoga, you can also add some meditation to your classes, as well as some Tai Chi or Qigong.

Auto Mechanic

The most obvious garage start-up business would be to work on cars in some capacity. If you have the know-how and experience, and all the tools on hand, then this would be the perfect place to work out of. You should ensure that your customer’s vehicles and any expensive tools are safe, so your garage doors should be in good working order.

If your doors aren’t strong enough or are malfunctioning, a thief could easily get in and steal them. Before you start a business, get a specialist to take a look at your garage. You can check on google for garage door repair services in Texas or wherever you live and get someone to inspect them for you.

As well as fixing car repairs, you could offer other services such as car detailing or carwashing.

Start an eCommerce Store

Why not follow in Jeff Bezos’s footsteps and start an eCommerce store from your garage. All you need is an internet connection, a laptop or PC and a desk and chair to work from. In 1994 when Jeff Bezos set up Amazon in his garagein Bellevue, Washington, we’re sure he didn’t know that it would grow to be the biggest online retailer on the planet!

Of course, you’ll want to make your garage area as comfortable as possible, with adequate lighting. A few luxuries on hand, like a coffee machine, will make you feel more at home.

Bookkeeping & Tax Preparation Service

If you haven’t got the space for a home office, then look to your garage. If you have knowledge of how taxes work, and how accountants manage their clients’ finances – then this is another great side business idea for you! Most people really need such assistance, but they don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for it – so why not offer them bookkeeping and tax preparation services? Much like an eCommerce business, it just requires an internet connection, a computer and the relevant software, and of course, a desk and office chair.

Pet Sitting Business

If you love animals, then a pet sitting business could be a great choice. You can easily set up a comfortable place for dogs, cats, or other pets in your garage, and it won’t break the bank. Pets don’t demand all the modern conveniences that humans so you can keep to the basics when turning your garage into a hotel for pets. Get the word out by advertising at local pet shops and salons. You can also make some extra money on the side selling pet treats and toys from your garage.

Personal Trainer

Some people don’t like exercising in public; they don’t want to be seen at the gym or park as they feel self-conscious. So, where’s the perfect place for them to workout? That’s right, your garage! All you need is some workout accessories such as mats, kettlebells, and weights, and you are ready to start. Most people don’t need the fancy machines you’ll find at the gym; instead, they just need someone to motivate them.

Carpet Cleaning Business

If you’re a fan of cleaning, this is definitely a great business that you can easily set up in your garage! You can start by offering your services to your neighbors – maybe offer them a discount? You can then expand from there and start offering cleaning services in your city or town. If there are not that many carpet cleaners where you live, the chances are that you will do very well in this niche!

Photo Studio

Setting up a home photo studio couldn’t be easier with everything you need available online. If your hobby is photography, this can be a way of turning your interest into something profitable. The great thing about a garage photo studio is that you can use just a small space and use the rest for other things, and even start a second business! The main thing is to get creative with your backdrops.

In Conclusion

These are just a few ideas for starting a home garage based start-up. Working from your garage means you can start small, and once you are profitable, look for a bigger or more suitable space to grow your business. Look at Jeff Bezos, once selling books online from his garage and now one of the wealthiest people in the world!