HiGRID launches the UK’s 1st and only SmartGRID mattress

HiGRID, the innovative mattress company, made in the UK has launched the UK’s 1st and only SmartGRID mattress.

  • The brand’s patented SmartGRID technology is the latest innovation in the mattress industry since the 1960s
  • The SmartGRID mattress, crafted with sleep science at its core, gives 2X back support and lasts longer than its memory foam counterparts

Designed with Patented Japanese Technology, SmartGRID mattresses are created using a core construction of grid-shaped hyper elastic polymer. Each mattress at every layer has been crafted with Sleep Science at its foundation and ergonomics for both durability and comfort.

Globally approximately 45% of the population suffer from sleep problems and research also indicates that new parents can lose up to 50 nights of sleep in the first 12 months of a child’s life. HiGRID’s mission is to upgrade and transform the sleep quality of every individual to give customers the ultimate sleeping experience.

The mattress market has been dominated for over 50 years by outdated memory foam material, making the customer journey limited. The SmartGRID mattress was created to answer the nation’s and parent’s ‘sleepy’ needs by utilising modern materials and innovating the sleep science sector.

Unlike any other material currently used in the sleep industry, the SmartGRID mattress offers the highest level of soft comfort and firm support, providing twice as much back support compared to traditional memory foam as well as an extra 42 minutes of sleep per night.

Amul Rathi, Head of International Markets at HiGRID said: “With people spending one-third of their life on a mattress, sleep is one of the most deprived, yet critical parts of our lives. Drawing on my years of experience in the mattress industry, I recognised a huge gap in sleep science and the use of innovative materials, which led to the creation of our patented technology. We are thrilled to introduce the innovative SmartGRID mattress to the UK market. With its advanced sleep science, our mattresses have been designed to provide the best possible sleep experience and promise to transform the way people sleep.”

The grid structure allows the walls of the grid to buckle down on body curvatures like the hips, and shoulders. The intelligent gel takes the shape of the body at smaller points like shoulders while staying firm at the bigger surface areas like the back.

Through its use of 2500+ air channels, air particles don’t get trapped within the structure, preventing unwanted heat build-up that many consumers experience with the outdated, memory foam material.

The mattress cushions the body in a comfortable cocoon, providing a firm base for the spine, which promises to relieve common backache problems associated with sleep.

The HiGRID is available to order online and on Amazon and comes with a 200-night free trial and 10 years warranty.

For more information please visit: https://HiGRIDsleep.co.uk/