Here’s Why Your Online Store Needs SafeOpt


Unconverted leads are a waste of time and money. Businesses spend a fortune (and countless hours) marketing themselves, generating leads.

When a lead arrives on your website, browses for a while, and then leaves, it can be very annoying. After all, the more leads you convert, the more money you make.

If you are the owner of an e-commerce business, then you might want to invest in SafeOpt. SafeOpt is one of the web’s leading email retargeting platforms and allows you to engage people who’ve visited your site, and then left without making a purchase.

This post will tell you why your store needs SafeOpt.

Cart Abandonment

A big problem for a lot of e-commerce stores is cart abandonment. Unfortunately, if users aren’t signed up for a store’s email list, then it is impossible for the store’s owners to send users cart abandonment emails. When they use SafeOpt however, they can easily send out these emails.
SafeOpt’s abandon cart email template is easy to fill out and can be sent to anybody browsing a website that is also signed up for SafeOpt’s service. The SafeOpt platform has over 260 million active users, so there is a very strong chance that the people browsing your site will be users of it.

Customer Engagement

With SafeOpt, it’s easier to keep customers engaged. You are able to send emails directly to their mailboxes, with news of promotions, or just more information about the products that you’re selling. Such emails can pique your audience’s interest and engage them. Customer engagement is always something that you need to think about improving. The more engaged your customers are, the more likely they are to buy your business’s products or services.

More Information

When you use SafeOpt, you are given the opportunity to send customers more information about your business’s products or services. If a person is on your site browsing your ‘About us’ section but leaves, then you can quickly send them an email, telling them a little more about your company, how it started, what products you offer, and what your mission is. You can then include a promotional code unique to that person, and a CTA (call to action). Providing people with more information about your business is a very effective method for keeping them engaged.

Promotional Codes

As mentioned already, when you use SafeOpt, you can send your site’s visitors unique promotional codes. These codes can be a very effective way of converting them into customers and encouraging them to buy your store’s products or services. At the moment, everybody is feeling the pinch. There is a cost of living crisis unlike anything seen for almost a century. People’s purchasing power has dropped significantly. Promotional codes are a good way to get people to buy things from your store, without actually lowering the price of the products that your store sells. It also makes them feel more special and increases their brand loyalty.

Collecting Feedback

When you use SafeOpt, you are also able to send consumers emails asking them to leave feedback. A lot of businesses only use the platform to send consumers promotional codes. While it is indeed true that sending promotional codes is an effective way of engaging users, sending out surveys can also be very good. Sending people surveys gives them the opportunity to tell you what they actually think of your store and share their opinion with you about what you could do to improve. You may want to give people unique vouchers just for participating in your store’s survey.

Generating Traffic

Sending people retargeting emails through SafeOpt can also be a good way to generate traffic for your website. The more traffic you get to your site, the more likely you are to make sales. Generating traffic should be one of your main concerns. Another method of generating traffic is to use search engine optimisation. Search engine optimisation involves manipulating Google’s algorithm in order to rank one’s website higher than that of one’s competition. SEO is a highly effective method of generating organic traffic. When you have organic traffic, sales are more likely.

Audience Communication

SafeOpt makes it easy for you to communicate with your audience directly. You can send your audience emails with information about new product releases, promotional codes, discounts, and even early release news. SafeOpt encourages the brands that are engaged with it to give consumers access to products before they are released on a large scale. Giving consumers early-access information can be a very effective way of making them feel valued and important, and also encouraging them to make purchases from your store. You can also communicate with your audience by using social media platforms, and creating a social media page for your store.

Reaching People

SafeOpt makes it possible for you to reach out to people at the right time. It’s hard to predict when a person is going to make a purchase from your store. However, if somebody is on your website looking at your products then it is a very good indication of their interest in making a purchase. If you are able to reach such individuals with promotional codes just as they are browsing your site, then converting them into customers could be very easy. Unless people are signed up for SafeOpt’s service or your email news list, there is really no way for you to reach people.

Reminding Customers

Finally, SafeOpt allows you to remind customers or site visitors about your products and services after they have left your site. Sometimes, people visit a website with the intention of making a purchase, but then something in real life distracts them, leading to them closing down the website they were on, and doing something else. Re-engaging such individuals is a very effective way of making more sales. You can also pop over a few more emails after you have sent the first, further reminding people of your business. Don’t spam people though, because this can be very annoying.

Using SafeOpt can be an effective way to boost your store’s sales, engage your customers, and help them to get discounts. The platform is affordable, easy to sign-up for, and used by over 260 million Americans. It is something you should look into if you want your e-commerce store to achieve success.